After Nuweiba and Taba… a long-range missile over the Red Sea

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After the incidents of demonstrations that took place in the Egyptian cities of Taba and Nuweiba, last week, with the escalation of regional tensions in light of the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, a “foreign object” was once again detected on the Red Sea.

The Israeli army reported that it had spotted a target approaching the city of Eilat and that it posed no threat to civilians, but provided no further details.

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He later announced that his forces had intercepted a march on Eilat’s Ramon airport.

Earth surface missile

He then confirmed the interception of “a surface-to-surface missile launched from the Red Sea region towards Israeli territory”, explaining that “the Arrow anti-missile defense system (Arrow) successfully intercepted it”.

He also highlighted in a statement that this is the first time this system has been used since the war in Gaza began on October 7.

Al-Houthi adopts

On the other hand, the Houthis have claimed responsibility for launching marches towards Israel in response to the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip for more than three weeks.

The head of the internationally unrecognized Houthi government, Abdulaziz bin Habtour, told Agence France-Presse: “These marches belong to Sanaa.” He explained that the Houthis are participating in the operations of what he called the “Axis of Resistance”, “with words, speeches and marches”, as he said.

He also stressed that “there is coordination, a joint operations room and joint leadership in place for all operations on this axis.”

Late last week, a drone fell in the city of Taba and another in the city of Nuweiba, in Egypt’s southern Sinai, on the Red Sea.

The Israeli army then explained that it had identified an “air threat” in the Red Sea region and had dealt with it.

From where the bullet landed in Nuweiba

Worried about a larger war

These two incidents in Taba and Nuweiba, far from North Sinai adjacent to the Gaza Strip, highlighted the dangers Egypt and other countries in the region face as fighting between Israel and the Palestinians escalates.

Especially because Cairo plays an active role in negotiating the arrival of aid to Gaza, in attempting to free prisoners held by Hamas and in calling for a ceasefire, but its proximity to the front line exposes it to risks.

Egypt has repeatedly warned in recent weeks of the expansion of fighting and its transformation into a regional war, especially with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and other Iranian-backed armed factions, whether in Iraq, Syria, or even the Yemen, which threatens to enter the conflict. conflict.

The US Department of Defense had also previously announced that cruise missiles launched from Yemen towards Israel last week, shot down by a US Navy destroyer, had a range that could reach Israel.

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