After ownership issues and Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury, do the Raiders plan to have Tom Brady return as a player?

In the ever-changing NFL landscape, one name always dominates the headlines – Tom Brady. Rumors are rife about his potential return to action and the football world is abuzz with anticipation. As we approach the crucial NFL owners meeting on October 17, 2023, speculation is rife as to whether the Raiders plan to bring back the legendary quarterback following ownership issues.

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The stakes couldn’t be higher for the Raiders and the entire NFL as Brady’s potential return hangs in the balance. But what’s going on behind the scenes, and why are NFL owners hesitant to approve Brady’s investment in the Raiders?

Raiders acquire Garoppolo at discounted price while injured


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In NFL circles, the ownership drama involving Tom Brady has taken center stage. Reports suggest Brady’s agreement to buy the Raiders franchise has hit a snag. The crux of the matter is the price tag for that ownership stake and the new injury report.

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While minority stakes typically sell at a discount due to limited involvement in the franchise, Raiders owner Mark Davis appears to be offering Brady a staggering 70% discount. Such drastic cuts surprised NFL owners. Some have speculated that this discount may be due to Garoppolo’s recent concussion. Raiders quarterback Jimmy G also missed the Raiders’ final game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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That discount isn’t the only obstacle to Brady acquiring the Raiders, though. He has said he intends to play a “very passive” ownership role, a situation further complicated by his recent approval to become a part-owner of Davis’ WNBA franchise, the Las Vegas Aces. To secure his share of the Raiders’ roster, Brady would need approval from twenty-four owners, a feat that currently appears unlikely to be accomplished at the upcoming meeting.

Obstacles to acquiring Tom Brady


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Tom Brady’s popularity transcends football, making him a pivotal figure in the league. NFL brass and the league’s finance committee recognize the appeal of keeping Brady tied to the NFL. However, one key factor is holding him back – his commitment to become a Fox analyst in 2024. The career move comes with a 10-year, $375 million contract signed in 2022, which secures Brady’s future role as Fox’s lead analyst.

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However, the finance committee seemed unwilling to approve Brady’s ownership stake in the Raiders at a discounted price for Davis. This surprising reluctance raises questions about the motivations behind these objections, especially given Brady’s status as a future Hall of Famer. Are there undisclosed concerns lurking beneath the surface?


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As the NFL prepares for its upcoming owners’ meeting, the fate of Tom Brady’s return to the Raiders remains up in the air. The question remains: will Tom get all the “yes’s” he needs? Or will the discounted price tag and Brady’s multifaceted career aspirations prove to be insurmountable obstacles?

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