After the elderly, children in the Balearic Islands will receive flu vaccine

of this activity childhood vaccinations Fight the flu You’ll have to wait.Not only because the vaccines have not yet arrived in the archipelago (the procurement is centralized by the Spanish state), but also because of the planning of the Ministry of Health healthy The elderly and high-risk groups identified as most vulnerable will be vaccinated first, followed by children.

We will remember that for once in the history of flu vaccination campaigns in this country, all children who did not have any risk factors were included. 6 months and 6 years.

These age groups of children mean the government has yet to reveal a start date for the campaign requiring a total of vaccinations45,000 healthy children In the Balearic Islands.

Pediatricians lament lack of foresight department Consider that children between six months and two years old will be vaccinated through injectable drugs, while the remaining children can be immunized through intranasal vaccines without the need for injections formidable thorn. The source also expressed regret that infrastructure such as vaccination centers are not in place to immunize such a large number of people. Children’s group.from healthy They confirmed that they had not considered this parallel vaccination, which would be administered at health centres.

Yesterday, sources from the Ministry of Health confirmed the decision to vaccinate the elderly and the most vulnerable first. health departmenthe also reiterated that these groups will receive influenza and influenza vaccines during the same medical event Coronavirus disease There are two different punctures.

As for the date when these people will begin immunization, the health department noted only that it is awaiting receipt of the vaccine vaccine Centralized procurement from the Spanish government. Everything indicates that the event will start at the end of October this year.

However, other health sources noted that stocks of vaccines against new variants of the virus have plummeted. SARS-CoV-2 This resulted in the covid-19 pandemic that had just subsided.

So we will wait for this issue to be resolved. lack of medicine Being able to schedule people to get vaccinated against both viruses in the same visit without having to call them twice.

Antibodies fail to prevent bronchiolitis

Although this is planned, immunization against the virus respiratory syncytium (RSV) This can lead to disturbing and sometimes severe bronchiolitis you drink It won’t start this October. And the reason is simply that, as the Ministry of Health admits, the drugs needed for this are not yet at this level. islands.Although they have done this to other more fortunate communities, e.g. Galician, Murcian or Andalusian, As confirmed by industry experts.

As you may recall, the campaign planned to inject all children born between April last year and next month with a monoclonal antibody against RSV. In addition, from the first day of tomorrow until the end of March next year, all people born will be given the drug before being discharged from hospital with secretions under their arm.However, due to the lack of the above-mentioned drugs (unlike a vaccine, which contains substances that kill the virus because the immature baby’s immune system is ready to build a defense against the virus), This will prevent people born in the next few days from being vaccinated as originally planned.

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