After years of charging my Xiaomi phones, I discovered five rules that changed battery life forever

It’s not about following all the rules all of the time, but it’s about trying them most of the time. This will extend the life of your battery and avoid having to call in for technical service before the bill is due.

Charging your phone seems to be a very simple matter, just connect one end of the charging cable to the charger and the other end to your phone. So far so good, we all do it (except the one with wireless charging).but Charging it properly to extend battery life is another story.. There are various ways to load it, here I will show you the method I usually follow. I can always do it. Or whenever I remember.

I’m not going to argue with you about whether you need to charge your phone overnight, because that’s something that should be overcome now. As I told you here at Xiaomi World, I’ve been charging my phone at night for years with a total of zero issues. No, what I’m going to tell you are other techniques. Such as turning on airplane mode or charging when the phone is off, such as making sure the charger is correct. But let’s get down to business. My rules for charging my phone. Someone I respect as much as possible.

Rule #1: I turn on airplane mode or turn off my phone

I usually use a Xiaomi phone that has some sort of fast charging feature, which always helps cut down on plug time, but if I’m in a particularly big hurry, I’ll use this trick. All I do is turn off my phone or turn on airplane mode. Of course, of course, only during the branding period. This makes charging the phone faster.

When we activate airplane mode, we can stop the phone from wasting energy staying connected to different networks. Mobile connections, WiFi and even Bluetooth are disconnected. Mobile phone power consumption is reduced to a minimum and the battery charges faster, because it costs next to nothing when charging. If you want to reduce consumption to zero, you can simply turn off your phone. It works great for me when I’m in a hurry, even if I don’t charge my phone to 100% before heading out.

Rule #2: Original charger and cable, or at least in good condition

This may seem like nonsense and ridiculous advice, but It is important that the charger used to power your phone is in good condition. The same goes for cables. Defective accessories can cause energy loss, heating, and even unstable electrical current, causing your phone to receive less power than it should.

Another problem is that every manufacturer knows what their mobile phones need and they usually provide us with chargers with amperage, power, etc. that are perfectly compatible with our devices. So if you want to ensure the shooting effect when Xiaomi is charging, Use the charger and cable included in the box. I do this to reduce the risk of changing the charge or battery.

Rule #3: Forget the power strip and connect the charger to an outlet

Another tip may seem silly, but it’s not, because what is done is to reduce the components involved in the load to a minimum, which also Reduce the chance of failure. To this we can add that placing an intermediary results in a loss of energy and, as a result, your phone will charge slower than it should. Maybe in a less stable way.

Power strips perform their function in most cases, but depending on which power strip we use, we may experience adverse effects. Energy loss, current instability, heating and other effects. I don’t have the charger connected to the power strip. I connect neither the one in the living room nor the one on my bedside table. They all plug directly into the plug so I have less problems in the long run.

Rule #4: Wireless charging is great, but wired charging is even better

We’ll talk about advice that I follow when I can but usually skip. Once the law is enacted, they say, the trap is complete. Ever since I made the laws, I have broken them. But I know skipping them isn’t entirely a good thing.So I know it’s better to charge my Xiaomi with a cable despite being compatible with wireless chargers, but Sometimes I charge wirelessly. My fault.

Wireless charging is great for a lot of things, but there are two things that are absolutely true when it comes to using it.The first is that it consumes more energy than it should because Electromagnetic fields are not 100% effective. For example, your phone receives 30W of power, but your charger consumes more power. Second, wireless charging creates too much heat, and your phone doesn’t need that much heat. So when I wirelessly charge my phone at night, I know what I’m risking. Even though I shouldn’t have done that.

Rule #5: I don’t like waiting for my phone to turn off

Here it depends on each user’s usage, but I can tell you what I do. What I do is not wait until my phone dies before charging it, even though I have to connect it to the charger multiple times a day. It’s true that some days will be harder to use than others, but this is good advice for keeping your battery in good condition. Do not let the battery power drop below 20% for chargingyou will maintain its efficiency longer.

All of these tips relate to how to charge your phone, but they also affect battery life. More efficient charging means less wear and tear on the battery inside your phone, so it lasts longer. But as I already told you, sometimes I skip them. There is nothing wrong with doing so. Just know that there are other ways to charge your phone better. May you pay attention to them often. Your battery will thank you.

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