Aguero in Los Angeles at the Valorant Champions tournament

Whether he brought luck, at least for now, can’t be said given his debut loss against Paper Rex, but Kun Aguero’s presence at Valorant Champions is still news. Or maybe: a few days ago he was already “caught” on the occasion of the international Rocket League competition, when he was rooting for his own eSports organization, which he owns. But of which he also seems to be the first fan.

From football to esports

Since Sergio Aguero was forced to retire from football, he turned to esports, becoming part owner of the Argentine Kru organization. Attending various titles, he didn’t make the headlines two years ago, not only because of Kun’s unconditional support, but also because he unexpectedly landed in the top 4 at the 2021 Valorant World Championship. And then a few months ago: after a regular season at Vct Americas without a win, they dominated the Last Chance qualifier, recording a real sports marvel.

Difficult start

This year, despite the presence of Aguero live in Los Angeles, the debut in the Champions League was not the best: a 2-0 defeat by the Singapore team Paper Rex, one of the best Asian participants. Thus, Crewe will have to face the Spanish giants in the next all-Latin match, which will already be decisive, both inside and out. On the other hand, Paper Rex will face China’s Edg in the same Group A, defeating the aforementioned giants.


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