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The odd thing about this movie is that Michael’s face doesn’t appear at any point. because?

wealth Michael Jackson did not arrive from NBA, but rather the agreement he made around the matter. Undoubtedly the highlight was that he signed his own sneaker brand with Nike in the eighties, Air Jordan.

The impact it has had has made it such a part of pop culture that several specials have been produced.one of the most important is Air (Air: the story behind the logo), last year’s film directed by Ben Affleck and written by Alex Convery.

what is this about Air?

Affleck is responsible for portraying history Air Jordan And how a deal with Nike could be beneficial to both parties.This is where the reference comes from Michael Jordan Narrated in documentary last dancewho said his mother was a key figure in signing the agreement. “He told me: ‘You’re going to listen to them. Even if you don’t like it, you’re going to listen to them.'”he claimed.

Why didn’t Michael Jordan show up? Air?

then, Ben Affleck told in interview hollywood reporter While writing the script, they realized that Michael Jordan was such a big character that they couldn’t possibly find an actor to play him. They even think it’s a lack of respect.

“When you are no longer a hero, an athlete or even an idol, you start to become people’s idol. You move them and start to represent hope, excellence and greatness. You are the only one. It is impossible for me to ask the public to believe in anyone other than Michael Jordan. There’s no one outside of Michael Jordan. It was a very deliberate choice. I think it’s too majestic for anyone to imitate.”hold.

Remarkably, there was an actor who brought to life Michael Jordan That man is Damian Delano Young. But during the filming of the movie, his face did not appear, and his appearance was basically used as a reference for scenes that required the star’s appearance.

What are the cast members? Air?

Ben Affleck himself also appears in the film, playing Nike co-founder Phil Knight. Viola Davis also stars, bringing Jordan’s mother Deloris to life. Matt Damon plays Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro.

where to see Air?

As an Amazon production, the only way to get it is Amazon Prime Video.

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