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Air Screenwriter Alex Convery and Editor William Goldenberg Representing the film in Deadline’s Contender Movie: Los Angeles.The film tells the story of how Nike signed then-rookie Michael Jordan Later it became the Air Jordan sneaker series.Even though Air Jordan is one of the most famous brands in the world, Convery said it’s still a mystery because Nike executives Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) became so strong.

“If you can make the audience care about the character, they’ll forget they know the ending,” Convery said. “Argo are similar. Titanic, you know how this is going to end, but you care about Jack and Rose. “

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Goldenberg said the script laid a lot of the groundwork for making the Jordan-adjacent story suspenseful. To do this, he and director Ben Affleck simply tightened the plot events.

“Rhythm-wise, the more I did it, the more Ben and I did it, we wanted to make it a ticking clock,” Goldenberg said. “Sonny wanted to beat Adidas and Converse and be the first to sign Jordan. The pace of the movie was more uptempo, which suited the movie really well. The more I did it and added all this stuff, it took on a rhythm of its own, too. .”

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Convery chose the Air because he grew up in Chicago in the 1990s, when Jordan was dominating the Bulls. Convery said he was inspired to tell Vaccaro’s story after seeing a brief clip of Vaccaro in a documentary. last dance.

“His connection to the Jordan trade, I think that’s your character, the ultimate loser,” Convery said. “Sonny ended up being left out of the deal. “I just felt it was important to tell his story, his relationship with Michael, Delores (Jordan, Michael’s mother) and the family. “

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Despuesde AirConvery is writing another true story.

“This is another basketball movie,” Convery said. “The material is similar, but it’s more like a simple sports movie. It’s a true story, so I can’t talk about all the components yet. I’m writing the script right now. Hopefully it will turn out well.”

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