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Hamburg\such\- Sunday, July 2, 19:00 Albanian singer-songwriter, musician and multi-instrumentalist learns Italian naturally ermal metaBorn in 1981, will be guestItalian Cultural Institute of Hamburg to submit your noveltomorrow and forever,
The event is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the publishing houses carl hanser more of munich ship of theseus, who published in Italy Vol. Participation is free, but you must register through the Eventbrite portal.
Will conduct literary-musical seminar Francesca Good, lecturer at the Faculty of Romance at the CAU University of Kiel, who will also take care of the continuing translation into German. Excerpts from the German version of the novel will be read by the actor. Tim Grobe,
Ermal Meta’s presence at the Italian Cultural Institute in Hamburg will give place to the presentation of both his literary activity and his music. Indeed, Ermal Meta wrote his first novel in 2022 with the title “Tomorrow and Forever”, which was published by La Neve di Teseo and translated into German by Peter Claus, this year by the publishing division “Hunserblau”. was published with the title “Morgan und fur immer”. “, headed by Ulrike von Stenglin and launched in 2019 by Carl Hanser Publishing House.
The work is a major internationally acclaimed bestseller and tells the astonishing rise of an Albanian farmer who becomes a renowned pianist. The novel is set in 20th-century Europe, in a time of totalitarianism, a great tale of family and betrayal, love and escape.
Albania 1943: Kajan lives with his grandfather in a small mountain village, the war far away. until German fugitive Cornelius arrives and offers Kazan piano lessons. After the war, Farmer succeeds in becoming a renowned pianist and falls in love with Elisabetha, the daughter of a critic of the regime. Kazan’s mother, a communist herself, knows how to drive the young lovers apart and for Kazan begins an adventurous escape through the GDR to West Berlin and the United States. But history would inevitably bring the two young people together again.
Arriving in Bari from Albania with his mother, brother and sister at the age of 13, having severed all ties with his father, whom he described as violent, Ermal Meta grew up listening to classical music (his mother was a is professional violinist) Fiore’s Orchestra, Ermal’s hometown), he started playing piano and guitar at the age of 16 and was part of various groups before joining Amoeba 4 as a guitarist, singing and guitar Fabio Properzi was accompanied by Tullio Ciriello on bass and Luca Giura on drums. Amoeba 4 took part in the youth section at the Sanremo Festival in 2006, but were eliminated in the first evening and the group broke up shortly afterwards. In 2007 Meta founded the group La Femme di Camilla in Bari, with which he released three studio albums: La Femme di Camilla in 2009, Darkness and Light in 2010, with which the group participates in the Sanremo Festival, Youth and in 2012 . wait.
After two group experiences, he started writing songs for example for Patti Pravo, Marco Mengoni, Annalisa, Renga, Giusi Ferrari, Lorenzo Fragola and many other singers, and starting from 2013, he published four studio albums as well as a solo album. Started career. and won the Sanremo Festival in 2018 with Fabrizio Moro, with the song You Did Nothing to Me, the text of which the two co-wrote with Andrea Fabo after the attack during Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Lisbon in the same year and finished fifth.
When Meta performed with the group “La Femme di Camila”, their style was related to modern pop and pop rock influenced by alternative rock and indie rock.
The music for “La femme di Camilla” featured an introspective songwriting, instrumental contributions similar to those of Coldplay and U2, and similar arrangements by Francesco Renga and Verdana.
However, in her solo career, her style is characterized by a linear, catchy pop, albeit influenced by dance-pop, synth-pop, electro-pop and experimental elements.
Her debut album, Umano, addresses the singer-songwriter’s personal problems. Also their next album, Forbidden to Die, featured alternating acoustic, electronic and orchestral pop sounds, managing to mix light and catchy pop music well. Their third album, We Don’t Have Weapons, consists of songs interpreted on ballad patterns alternating with up-tempos with rock and electronic influences. (This way)


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