Al-Jabri, what will return? The origin and origin of Deira Al Jabri

Al-Jabri, what will return? What is the origin of Deira Al Jabri? This is what we learn in detail through the Khaleeji News website, where tribal science and genealogy is considered one of the most important sciences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which included a large group of authentic Arab families and tribes.

Al-Jabri will return

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It is worth noting that the Al-Jabri tribe is one of the distinct and well-known Yemeni families that enjoys great fame in many Arab countries, and it is the family that belongs to Khawlan.

It is mainly attributed to the Qahtan tribe It has moved between many different Saudi cities, the most important of which is the Saudi city of Jazan, which is located on the Yemeni border and includes many different branches in many different cities, including the states of Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq, as well as the Libya and Egypt.

Al-Jabri family lineage

The Al Jabri family is considered one of the families of Saudi Arabia that many are interested in knowing its lineage, which dates back to Khawlan Amr Al-Haf bin Qada’ah bin Malik bin Himyar bin Saba bin Yashjab bin Ya’arub bin Qahtan, which means their origin is from Sheba in Yemen. It has existed for more than 15 centuries and belongs to the city of Holan, one of the ancient cities of the state of Yemen.

Al Jabri family in Saudi Arabia

In the context of learning about the famous Yemeni Al-Jabri family, which extends to the Khawlan tribe, we learn about the Al-Jabri family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which dates back to the Hamlan tribe, which branched into many clans.

Its branches are present in several Saudi cities, the most important of which is the Jazan Governorate, such as the Al Yahya bin Salman family, as well as the Al Shathna family located in the city of Riyadh, as well as many different branches dispersed in various places Arabs.

Al-Jabri family lineage, Hadhramaut

The Al-Jabri Hadhramaut family is considered one of the most famous Arab families in the country, which dates back to the Al-Jabri Al-Qahtani tribe, which has been present in the Hadhramaut region for many years and which has many different thighs and stomachs in various Saudi locations and which it is widespread in many well-known Yemeni governorates.

The family also dates back to the ancient Al-Jabri family from long ago, and its lineage goes back to the pre-Islamic poet, famous for his poetry, namely Al-Shanqari, as we mentioned before. , the tribe gained fame and a prominent position among the people and among the different Arab tribes.

It is worth noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes many different tribes and families who have been able to achieve fame and high status among the rest of the tribes and other families.

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