Al-Qassam says he is ready to release 70 hostages in exchange for a 5-day truce

He revealed details of prisoner negotiations… and said Tel Aviv has called for the release of 100 women and children

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The military wing of the Hamas movement announced on Monday that Phalanx fighters managed to destroy 20 Israeli military vehicles in the last forty-eight hours, adding that Israel had delayed for five days the acceptance of the truce proposed by the mediators which included a ceasefire .

The armed wing of the Hamas movement said on Monday it had informed mediators in Qatar that the movement was ready to release around 70 women and children detained in Gaza in exchange for a five-day truce.

Abu Ubaida, spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades, said in an audio recording published on the movement’s Telegram channel: “There was an effort by the mediating brothers of Qatar last week to release enemy detainees, women and children, in exchange for the release of 200 Palestinian children and 75 Palestinian women, representing the total number of those detained as of the 11th.” On November 10, women and children were detained by the enemy.”

But he stressed that Israel has called for the release of 100 women and children and that the Al-Qassam Brigades have informed mediators that during a five-day truce they could release 50 children and women detained in Gaza, and the number could eventually reach 70 “since there is a problem with the presence of prisoners.” “Factions have multiple destinations.”

He added: “The truce includes a ceasefire and allows the entry of relief and humanitarian aid to all our people throughout the Gaza Strip.” He accused Israel of continuing to “procrastinate and evade” paying the price of this agreement.

He continued: “We warn the enemy and all those concerned about prisoners and detainees that the continuation of air and ground aggression inevitably exposes the lives of these prisoners to great danger every hour.”

The Al-Qassam Brigades announced the killing of an Israeli soldier captured during an Israeli bombing.

On the ground, Abu Ubaida announced that Al-Qassam fighters have managed, in the last forty-eight hours, to completely or partially destroy 20 military vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles, in the areas of the Israeli forces’ incursion. “buildings where enemy soldiers are barricaded with anti-fortification and anti-personnel shells.”

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