Alas, the first preview images of the film in Rome. the power of dreams

Jennifer Lee has revealed new details about Disney’s 2023 Christmas movie that pays tribute to 100 years of the House of Mickey Mouse with an emotional tale of tradition and heart.

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“A man is strong if he has a will in his heart” is the basis of DesireThe new Disney film coming to theaters on December 21 to celebrate the centenary of the famous Mickey Mouse company that has opened up a world of imagination to young and old around the world for so many years. jennifer leeThe creative director of Walt Disney Animation Studios as well as the producer and screenwriter of this new Christmas animated adventure flew to Rome to present a preview of some exclusive first images to the Italian press. Desire, As Lee puts it, the directorial debut by Chris Buck and Fon Weerasanthorn is “a love letter to Disney”, adding that “the world is moving fast and a lot of bad things have happened in recent years. I hope that Wish at the Cinema can allow an escape and that the cinema is a place where you can dream”.

the plot of Desire

The Kingdom of Rosas is a fantasy land where anything is possible. The Fabulous King, originally voiced by Chris Pine, protects the wishes of all people and decides from time to time which of these are to be fulfilled. Asha, whose voice is Arianna DeBosestar of west side story, is a great dreamer and strongly believes in the magic of the stars guiding humans, as taught to her by her father before time immemorial. One evening Asha makes a wish which is instantly fulfilled by creating a small ball of light on earth that will help the girl save her people by demonstrating the great courage of a man capable of great deeds.

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Italian trailer for Wish, the new Disney classic

a look at the past

Desire is a film that seeks to pay homage to the past and proposes a more traditional animation closer to the first Disney films. Jennifer Lee really insisted that the visual style be remembered sleeping beauty, bambi, snow white and pictures of Gustaf Tengren And lisa lynne Adhering to the company’s philosophy that artists of previous generations educate artists of new generations. The footage with parts not yet technically finalized intrigues and draws attention to a universal and poetic story that reflects their dreams and desires, always a Disney film. ,Desire Wants to show how normal it is to fail or feel guilty about the choices we make. I think hope can be an inspiration to young people and adults” Lee said, revealing that she too has been bullied and thanks to “Cinderella” who fought back against her stepmother and stepsisters , I found the strength to move on. Movies make me dream and always inspire me.” “Life is hard and you can make mistakes, but I kept dreaming. I hope each one of us can always continue to do the same” he added, You have to work hard to make a wish come true”.

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eligible for Desire

Lee introduced the various characters, saying, “We want to create relatable characters that relate to all of our experiences and emphasize how we are all connected to each other, so Disney shows that we all belong to the same world.” Desire, Besides Asha, the protagonist, the baby Valentino by her side already seems irresistible from the first images of the film. The latter in the original version is voiced by Lana Tudyk, while Fabino is Asha’s elderly grandfather and The Teens are her friends, the Seven, to recall the famous Seven Dwarfs. Each of them has special abilities. Tahlia is also Asha’s best friend, her intelligent and cunning confidant. The kingdom of Rojava is led by Queen Amaya, benevolent and good, and the illustrious king who has a dual nature and an old-fashioned villain, one of those who do evil thinking they are doing good . Desires can be dangerous and even negative.


Julia Michaels edited the soundtrack of Desire, creating seven original songs. We’ve had a chance to hear two previews for this Italian preview and they’re alluring, romantic and evocative. Michaels is a young artist, but his career is already full of experience: he has written songs for Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, etc. “His music is imbued with hope and it is felt in the lyrics of Desire His love of Disney,” said Jennifer Lee.

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