Alexander Payne reunites with ‘brilliant’ Paul Giamatti in ‘The Leftovers’

Yul see them soon

Twenty years ago, Paul Giamatti in the movie Sideways.

The director and screenwriter was Alexander Payne, who received an Oscar.

The pair have now reunited for the Christmas show The Holdovers.

Giamatti, who plays a professor stuck with unsuitable students: “I actually went to a prep school like in the movie. My father was a professor at Yale University, my mother a teacher. All my grandparents were teachers. My training is based on this.

Payne, who once suggested Giamatti read the Omaha phone book, says, “The guy is great. The most well-read person I know.

Omaha phone book? Imagine if he was reading from a notebook in Washington, DC.

Self management

One thing people don’t understand about Biden: he it doesn’t really matter.

He only cared about two things in his life. I haven’t done anything in Washington for a long time, I only longed for Work. Desperately wanted to become president.

And two? Family. His – not yours. He got what he wanted. Everything he ever wanted.

And in his opinion, the rest of the damn world could go to hell.

Celebrity places and stops

Nancy Pelosi came to the Regency with a bag so small that it barely contained the personal numbers of those who no longer call her. . . Home improvement specialist Ken Langone’s massive yacht, The World, is moored at Pier 92, guarded by more than its crew. He ate Chinese food with friends. . . Lori Loughlin is serving time in Carlisle this time. Sipped drinks at Bemelmans with friends. Brooke Shields was also there signing autographs for fans. . . Liza Minnelli is preparing for her upcoming role in a film about the artist. . . Joni Mitchell is looking for a chance to sing here again. She could have written “Johnny Jam.”

They’re de-vesting

Ron DeSantis. Several donors want to give it up.

Forced to write them refund checks, he is upset. We strive to keep stories about these returns to a minimum.

Some who want the money back say he lost it when Mickey Mouse became his biggest problem. Don’t ask me how I know this. I know it.

The application for the document is pending consideration

Bright actors, with nothing to do and lightning bolts on their hands, ended up narrating documentaries.

Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards Hopes Dakota Johnson, Kiefer Sutherland, Natalie Portman, Michael J. Fox will perform on November 12 at the Edison Ballroom for their annual event.

If the stars manage to find paid work somewhere, it may end up being documented.

Natural talent

Don’t say I’m not trying to help you. The Academy of Arts is hosting a “Take Home a Nude” auction. Two hundred works are offered online to fund scholarships.

Look, if you get one of these, make sure it’s hung well.

Deliberate actions

The Hamas charter calls for killing Jews. His current horror was not only the destruction of Israel, the kidnapping of the elderly, the murder of the sick and infants, above all for the liberation of “Palestine”.

Hamas was simply carrying out its rules.

Two new credit card ads are coming soon: “Steak tonight in LA, teriyaki tomorrow in Tokyo, bankruptcy this weekend in Manhattan.”

Definitely New York guys, definitely New York.

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