Alfonso Aurore’s ‘pullita’ on Cristiano Ronaldo after last goal

At the age of 38, cristiano ronaldo He continues to do what he does best in Saudi Arabia: Goal. All types, from all angles. However, there are also many who disparage the Portuguese, emphasizing that despite having great world stars, the level of football in this league is still very low.

one of them has Alfonso Alousthe host of “Aruseros”, after reading the title, wanted to launch a Portuguese ‘pullita’: “Well, Cristiano strikes again,” he said on Monday’s show, before adding “In the best league in the world.”

Alfonso Aruser,

Alfonso Aruser, “Aruseros”

Despite this, the Saudi team has managed, as we say, to bring together the “cracks” of Karim Benzema, Neymar and N’Golo Kante. Even though everything is a result of the huge amount of money they provide, the fact is that they are now the ones who can enjoy watching them play.

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In fact, they shared another real “bombshell” from “Aruseros”.And Hullen, Spain Lopetegui Possible contact with Karim Benzema’s side ( Al-Ittihad appointed as new head coachAfter the sacking of Portuguese Nuno Espiritu Santo.

So things started to get serious and it seemed like it was no game to the Arabs. In fact, if we continue at this rate it will soon become the best league in the world, now even ahead of the Premier League.

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