Alfonso Cuaron will direct a biopic about the author of “Blade Runner” along with Charlize Theron


Implementer Gravity A biographical film based on the original stories about the famous science fiction writer awaits you. The whole team with Charlize Theron is approaching a tragic romance.

An original biographical film about the life of Philip K. Dick.

At the moment, Amazon has Alfonso Cuaron and Charlize Theron involved in the development of the film. Jane. The title is named after Philip K. Dick’s sœur jumelle, author Blade Runner, décédée six weeks after birth. If you are an author, your mother’s death will bring you to a point where you can influence your writing.

This double episode was brought to the big screen in the original biopic based on the life of Philip K. Dick and told from Jane’s point of view, which is so weird. ” Jane’s story accompanies me as long as it reminds me of, explained Isa Hackett, daughter of Philip K. Dick. Jane, My father’s sweetest joy took place in those weeks after his birth, it is in the center of their universities. Comfortable for someone with a unique imagination, the film defies the conventions of the biopic and embodies the alternate reality that Philip K. Dick strives for—a reality that is sure to be explored in six weeks.. »

The project is intriguing and stands out for its one and a half hour genre, which is considered hagiographic and biographical.

— Denis Makarenko /

A “thrilling” and “suspenseful” story.

The film is directed by Alfonso Cuaron. For the voice of Jane, the film’s narrator, Charlize Theron was chosen. Oscar-winning actress Monster In 2003, she also co-produced the project through her production company Denver and Delilah Productions.

A thrilling story awaits you, full of tension, darkness and sadness in the dark. It will tell the story of a unique relationship between a woman and a young man, a brilliant man, even more problematic, who also happens to be the famous romantic Philip K. Dick. Even if you try to help you overcome these problems, which images or images appeal to you the most, Jane dives deeper into her creative universe. “, renseigne encore le synopsis.

Due to the popularity of screenwriters and actors in Hollywood, the project was waited for a very long time. Despite everything, the film is ready for viewing next time, the site reports. Movieholic. If an agreement is found between the actors’ syndicate and the studios, Jane start my tour in Los Angeles, where I recently toured Oppenheimer and etc. Barbie.

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