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Director and screenwriter Alice Diop Will be in Venice International Film Festival 2023. His comeback follows the big success recorded at the 2022 event for one year when Holy Omerthe work she delivered won two awards, namely Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prize And The Lion of the Future – Prima of the Venice Opera “Luigi De Laurentiis”.

In particular, in the 2023 edition of Diop, he will have a special challenge, namely preside over the International Jury of the Venice Opera Prima Award “Luigi De Laurentiis” – The Lion of the Future. In this article, let’s take a closer look Alice Diop tracing some stages of his career.

Who is Alice Diop

Alice Diop was born in France in the Île-de-France region, more precisely Aulnay-sous-BoisIN 1979. He spends his childhood up to ten years in a residential area City 3000. When he grew up, he took up the study of history, which ended with the following “Master of History” V Sorbonne Paris 1. He also devoted himself to the study of sociology, from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. “DESS in Visual Sociology”.

His education does not stop there, as Diop also attendsdocumentary studio organized by film school La Femi (European Crafts Foundation de l’Image and Son). Since 2005 Alisa makes creative documentaries that are broadcast on various channels and selected for numerous international festivals.

Among his works we mention Death of Danton. 2011 permanence 2016 (first prize at Cinema du Riel the same year) e Version for tendernessalso since 2016 (a work that won the 2017 César Award for Best Short Film). 2020 year of release of the documentary nouswhich the following year receives Award for Best Film in the Encounters section of the Berlin Film Festival 2021.

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Saint Omer of Diop

Holy Omer for Alice Diop, this is her feature film debut. Inspired by real events, the story tells about the choice of the writer Rama, played by Kaiijge Kagameto follow the trial of a woman named Lawrence, played by Guslagie Malandacharged with the murder of his 15-month-old daughter. 2022 Alice Diop in Venice is a real triumph, as the work receives two awards, namely Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prize And The Lion of the Future – Prima of the Venice Opera “Luigi De Laurentiis”.

In the same year, the international jury responsible for awarding the Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prize, was headed by an Oscar-winning actress. Julianne Moore It’s made up Mariano Cohn, Leonard DiCostanzo, Audrey Sofa, Leila Khatami, Kazuo Ishiguro AND Rodrigo Sorogoyen.

The international jury tasked with choosing the best work of the Lion of the Future – Premio Venezia Opera Prima “Luigi De Laurentiis” is chaired by Michelangelo Frammartino It’s made up Jan Matushinsky, Ana Rocha de Souza, Tessa Thompson and Rosalie Varda.

Alice Diop: Saint Omer is a success not only in Venice

Job Holy Omer also comes candidate for Oscar for France. Among the awards he receives, in addition to those won in Venice, Cesar Award for Best First Film And Jean Vigo Prize.

We will also mention the fact that always at the 2023 César Awards for his work in Holy Omer Diop along with Amrita David AND Marie Ndiayealso received Nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

Also nominated Guslagie Malandathat is, the one on Most Promising Woman Award. Finally, we mention the nomination received by Claire Mathonthat is, for best photo award.

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Diop at the Venice International Film Festival 2023

As expected, on Venice International Film Festival 2023 The director is called upon to perform a very important task. It will be her, in fact, preside over the International Jury of the Venice Opera Prima Award “Luigi De Laurentiis” – The Lion of the Future.

Who are the other members of this jury? There is an actor, director and screenwriter Fawzi Bensaidi, who during his career starred with directors such as Bertrand Bonello and Nadir Mokneche. He is also on the jury. Laura Citarellafilm director and producer. Job Trek Lauken 2022, staged by her, was presented in Venice in the “Horizons” section. The jury has completed the mention of names Andrea DeSicadirector and screenwriter, and Chloe Domontscreenwriter and director.

Who will they be, on the other hand, I chairmen of other international juries? The Oscar winner will head the international jury of the Venice-80 competition. Damien Chazelledirector, screenwriter and film producer, and president Horizons International Jury director, screenwriter and film producer Jonas Carpignano.

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