Alice Zanini, Italian actress and film actress you need to know

For this photo shoot, she also posed upside down vertically: a bit like Simone Biles, but blonde. It’s important to present it this way because Alice Zanini He has four European artistic gymnastics competitions under his belt, with all the self-discipline that comes with it. Add to this the Venetian, Calvinist-entrepreneurial background, which projects our conversation into context Do. But we must also include in the picture his love for “harmful” things, which balances everything out. This term was coined by a friend of hers and it refers to anything pink and shiny. A girl with eighteenth-century features, in whom lies the virago, in whom the heart of a princess beats. It might seem like unpacking layered pralines like a great chef, if Alice weren’t the polar opposite of a female object, like the other girls we spoke to for this report. In any case, at 23 he will be included in the autumn film menu with a role in Ferrari Michael Mann, in competition at the Venice Film Festival, a mega-American production that has names like Penelope Cruz, Adam Driver, Hugh Jackmann, Shailene Woodley and Patrick Dempsey waving goodbye.

My friend says she fled Verona because it is provincial. Do you think so too?
No! It’s the perfect size in my opinion: big enough to not feel like a country, but not too distracting. And then it’s romantic. Of course, if you are interested in working in the artistic field, you have problems, this is a horizon that no one thinks about in Verona.

How are things in Rome?
After the first shock, while at the bus stop, I asked: “What’s the schedule?” and I realized that I shouldn’t have done that, everything went well. When I first walked into the gym, I heard a girl talking on the treadmill next door…she was the director of photography. This is all true, film professionals appear everywhere.

But how did you decide to become an actress then?
I have two very handsome younger brothers (three of us were born at the age of four, poor mother). One day, while we were walking around Milan, we were stopped at a Levi’s street casting. They only took my two brothers who marched to Pitti, and not me! And yet I was the one who cared. My mom (who wanted to be a soccer player, but that wasn’t possible in her time, so she became a stylist and then returned to soccer, where she now teaches) signed us up with an agency, and then all three of us worked. But he was one of my amazing brothers. I remember a European art event in Budapest where his face was featured on 12 x 12 posters and I said no, I want to do this! And then by chance a director from Verona invited me to audition for a video clip I love you so much Gianna Nannini, they chose me, and on set I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do.

And then?
I did a lot of other auditions. I had a lot of callbacks, but they didn’t take me, I also imagine that I am immature, without a drop of diction. The one who struggles first wins, and I said to myself, “Wow, I did six callbacks for this episode, that must count for something!” In short, I took failure as an incitement.

So how did you end up in the cast of Ferrari?
I lived abroad in Connecticut for a year when I was 16, and the great thing about the United States is that you can choose what you study. I had an hour of acting a day, which helped me a lot. Then I went to summer courses in Strasberg and never wanted to go back. But I had to get a higher education… But I still have many American friends. One of them invited me to stay with her during her senior year of college. There was an audition for Ferrari, and I supported it with a self-tape, I was supported by the roommate of my friend, a film lover, we had a lot of fun working on it, improving our English… But it was just for the sake of it, imagine. I forgot about it for several months. And then they called me. My dentist just put braces on me, I had to rush to get them off on Saturday, two days after the phone call I was already fitted for a swimsuit.

Who will you be?
Louise Collins, wife of pilot Peter Collins, played by Jack O’Connell. I think about it? I’m also a big fan Shells. Getting ready to work with him on set was already incredible. Then Shailene Woodley came and said: “I like your boots!”

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