All August concerts in Italy: here are our favorites

August is the month of music. Catchphrases are heard on the radio: August 15 is on the nose, those who can, on vacation, those who work, use music to distract themselves. Here are the concerts not to be missed from north to south, from a single date Travis Scott at the Circus Maximus during the summer tours of contemporary Italian singers. All dates

Travis Scott

He announced it at the last minute, and everything is already set for the August 7th date at the American rapper’s Circus Maximus, which after posting Utopia and, having canceled the opening concert at the pyramids of Giza, is ready to inflame the Italian public.

Louis Tomlinson

A unique date also for the former One Direction, who arrives in Camaiore on the 19th, to the delight of all the conductors, who this year were also able to sing under the stage of Harry Styles. Festival away from home, an event organized and conceived by the same headlining singer, after performances by Blossom, The Cribs, HotWax and Andrew Kashin, will become a world famous event. In fact, this is not the only show in Italy, but all over the world after London in 2021 and Malaga in 2022.

Fabry Fiber

The tour of the Senigallia rapper continues this summer, with Bresh and Ernia performing “Lightning Rods” and including all of their most famous successes in the lineup.

August 4 – Gallipoli.
August 6 – Catholic
August 8 – Pescara
August 18 – Arbatax


Alberto Cotta Ramusino continues to tour Italy in Live 2023 – Festivals, watching the crowd sing “Tango”, after a year of incredible achievements, no less than fifth place at the Sanremo Music Festival and the release of “Another World”, a track by Merk & Kremont singing with Marrakash. I’m looking forward to the concert in Carroponte on September 9, all tickets are already sold out.

August 4 – Cinquale
August 7 – Pescara
August 8 – Gallipoli
August 9 – Roccella Jonica
August 11 – Catania
August 12 – Palermo
August 17 – Edolo

How things

Fausto and California light up their eyes in front of an audience that this summer is listening to “Agosto morsica” on the radio, ready to sing “L’addio”, the song presented at the last Sanremo festival, at the top of their lungs. .

August 5 – Bellaria Igea Marina
August 7 – Seravezza
August 25 – Matera

Nuclear tactical penguins

Riccardo Zanotti and company tour Italian stadiums to a full house, turning football temples into fun karaoke, letting the public lose their voice on every song. August 13 last date, in Olbialooking forward to the grand finale in Campovolo on September 9th.

Sphere of Ebbasta

The king of Italian trap after being the main liner of Imola Sound for Romagna, between one attack and another on social media, continues his Summer tour among the most famous resorts, with a lineup that includes his biggest hits, not forgetting “Bon Ton” by Drillionaire, a summer 2023 song with Blanco and Lazza.

August 6 – Gallipoli
August 11 – Baia Domitia.
August 12 – Cinquale
August 14 – Olbia


Last three summer contracts for a group consisting of Francesco Bianconi, Racheli Bastregui and Claudio Brasini. L’Elvis Tour 2023the tour, named after their latest album Elvis, revitalizes the sonic territories of a band that has found itself and is not going to stop.

August 5 – Karsuly
August 12 – Locorotondo
August 19 – Catania

Amis Killa

The Milanese rapper who presented his latest album throughout the summer. night effectpublished in May, expecting to enter its first arena on October 28, is preparing for the last two dates of its Summer tour 2023.

August 5 – Roccella Jonica
August 12 – Olbia

Article 31

J-Ax and Dj Jad are celebrating the restoration of their friendship after their split in 2006 by offering a live show that traces the duo’s history from the 90s to the present day, between old hits and new songs.

August 5 – Palermo
August 10 – Mayano
August 12 – Catholic
August 15 – Olbia
August 19 – Lecce
August 25 – Romano d’Ecellino
August 31 – Meadow

Maximum danger

On 13 January 2024 he will play for the first time at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago. For those who can’t wait August 5 we will play in Senigalliathe only event of the summer.

Mr Rain

Mattia Baraldi continues to celebrate an incredible year with his St.Summer Superhero Tourtaking its name from the song of the same name, which brought him third place at the last Sanremo festival after success in clubs in the spring and anticipation of his first concert in the Milan arena on November 18th.

August 05 – catholic
August 06 – Pescara
August 08 – Cinquale
August 09 – Follonica
August 11 – Palermo
August 12 – Catania
August 16 – Alghero
August 19 – Aosta
August 25 – Macerata


His Summer tour “Courage of children” started on June 3rd from Marina di Camerota, after the sale of the indoor tour, it will last until September 16th. Live the songs that show the history of his land and his personality.

August 4 – Agrigento
August 8 – Diamond
August 10 – Follonica
August 12 – Olbia
August 18 – Ischia
August 19 – Paestum
August 26 – San Benedetto del Tronto


Runner-up in Sanremo, gym tour and nowSummer Tour Ouvertour 2023. Twenty concerts, including participation in the Sziget Festival, Jacopo Lazzarini presents works Siriusthe multi-platinum hit “Cenere” and the inevitable “Bon Ton”, a Drillionare song sung this summer with Blanco and Ebbast’s Sphere.

August 06 – Gallipoli
August 08 – Baia Domitia
August 12 – Olbia
August 14 – Budapest
August 18 – Cinquale
August 27 – San Benedetto del Tronto


There are five dates leftI’m Not Afraid Summer Tour where Ernia performs songs from her latest album and Lightning rods, the song of the summer performed by Fabri Fibra and Bresh, already certified gold.

August 10 – Paestum
August 11 – Ascoli Piceno
August 13 – Olbia
August 20 – Monfalcone
August 21 – Brescia

Francesca Micheline

Singer-songwriter from Bassano del Grappa in her Summer Mavericks Tour On July 9, with a date in Porto Rubino, he will present his latest album live, returning to a ten-year career that began on stage X – Factor and on which she will return this year as a host. Unfortunately, the last two shows have been canceled due to health issues.

August 8, 2023 – Alcamo
August 13, 2023 – Castellaneta Marina (cancelled)
August 29, 2023 – San Vito Tagliamento (sentellato)

Karl the Brave

Roman singer-songwriter after publication Migrationcontinues the tour that started in June from Bologna, presenting live his new side of songwriting, without forgetting the songs that brought him here.

August 5 – Termoli
August 11 – Mount Uranus
August 12 – Castiglioncello
August 16 – Diamond
August 26 – San Vito al Tagliamento


Tedua is also on tour, anticipating the start of its arena tour in October, where almost all tickets are already sold out. Tedua Summer Tour continues until August 20 and brings songs from his latest album to the stage. The Divine Comedycertified double platinum just over a month after its release.

August 16 – Arbatax
August 18 – Catania
August 20 – Palermo


Ten years of live music to celebrate on tour Opera Futura – Live Concert who performs the songs of his career live along with the latest single “Canzone d’estate”, as if they were a dress rehearsal before a grand concert at the Arena di Verona on September 27th.

August 20 – Grottaglie
August 23 – Barletta
August 25 – known


Anticipation for a special concert scheduled for October 21st at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan is growing and dates for the fall indoor tour continue to be added. Meanwhile, the youngest winner of two prestigious Targhe Tenco awards for original music is on tour through the most memorable scenes of the peninsula until the end of August.

August 13 – Olbia
August 19 – Follonica
August 20 – Forte dei Marmi
August 22 – Diamond
August 24 – Palermo
August 25 – Taormina
August 27 – Taranto
August 29 – Macerata
August 30 – Todi

Future Hits Radio Zeta

On August 30th from Verona Arena, Radio Zeta will bring all the most loved Generation Z singers on stage. To see them all, listen to the hits of summer 2023, have the opportunity to celebrate Generation Zeta, August is coming to an end. with the most anticipated event of the summer for those who love music.

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