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Margot Robbie is undoubtedly the star of the moment, and this is thanks to the massive marketing operation in which he participated movie Barbie, in which the Australian actress plays the blonde protagonist. To live up to this important role, Margot Robbie was 100% dedicated to arriving on set in top shape. And to show off naturally glowing skin he developed the habit of drinking a (bitter) infusion of milk thistle. How do we know this? To reveal British Vogue Margot Robbie’s recipe for glowing skin: beauty expert Jasmina Vico, called the set to make sure the actress received the best advice to shine in her own light. Let’s find out together what benefits milk thistle has for the skin (and more).

Milk thistle, what does it do to the skin?

It’s time to understand how milk thistle guarantees Margot Robbie’s coveted glowing skin. Explain naturopath and nutritionist Laura Quinti, consultant at Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination: “This plant primarily has protective and regenerative properties against liver cells. But not only that: it tones blood vessels, normalizes cholesterol levels in the blood and is a powerful antioxidant, and also helps those who are trying to lose weight. It is known for its detoxifying properties against drug and alcohol abuse and promotes healthy skin and hair. thanks to a substance called silibinin. Milk thistle can also be used topically to treat erythema and dermatitis and has an overall anti-aging effect on the skin, supporting it, especially during periods of extreme stress. By affecting liver function, it supports intestinal and skin health. How to consume it? Milk thistle is offered in herbal medicine in various forms and herbal medicines. If you’re like Margot Robbie and want to drink it, here’s how to make the infusion: add a teaspoon of dried milk thistle leaves to a cup of water. Let it brew for ten minutes, then strain and drink. The recommended dosage is a maximum of three cups per day, which should be drunk before the main meal.” Guaranteed cleansing effect.

Drinking milk thistle infusion strengthens the skin’s antioxidant defense systems, deeply cleansing the body.

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