All the characteristics of the Pisces man

If you’re dating a Pisces, astrology could help you better understand their characteristics and behaviors, not only in love, but also at work and in interpersonal relationships.

When you start dating a person, there are some basic questions that are asked right away: where are they from, what do they do in life and what is their sign. The zodiacin fact, can be of great help to know the behavior of that person and, broadly speaking, his personality.

What if that person was born under the sign of Pisces? First, it’s a water sign that literally navigates emotions: a romantic and dreamy newt. Those born under this sign celebrate their birthday between 20 February and 20 March. What a Pisces shows at the beginning is only the tip of the iceberg because, in his heart, there is so much more to discover. Just think that, among the famous people born under this sign, Justin Bieber, Chris Martin and Adam Levine stand out.

Here are some general characteristics of the sign:

  • its element is thewaterfall
  • the guiding planets: Neptune and Jupiter
  • the Tarot card that represents it is The Moon while
  • its stones are, among others, amethyst and malachite

    Considered to be the most creative sign of the zodiac, Pisces have an artistic mind, with a strong imagination. They have plenty of empathy and sensitivity. Which also makes them special in love. Their marked sensitivity can be an asset. On the other hand, however, it means that they can feel sorry and get angry very easily. Even the creativity and imagination which, on the one hand are an advantage, on the other make Pisces have some difficulty living the daily routine without getting lost.

    The sign of Pisces if you ignore it can become a very resentful and lying person. He doesn’t do it on purpose but he would prefer to always lie rather than tell an uncomfortable truth and displease the other. So much so that in friendship he prefers the few but always good friends.

    In love: what are the compatible signs

    Very idealistic and romantic, the sign of Pisces finds those born under the sign of Balance his perfect match. Libras, led by Venus, the planet of beauty, are very optimistic and open-minded, just like Pisces.

    Among the other compatible signs stands out the Sagittariusfire sign, which shares the same sign of freedom with Pisces and Jupiter who governs them. Cancer and Scorpio they could share nice emotions with Pisces even if, the danger of hurting each other is just around the corner. Capricorn and Taurus (earth signs) but also Virgo could attract Pisces by virtue of the law of opposites. Ultimately, however, the best agreement a Pisces can find in a person with the same sign as him.

    Conversely, Pisces and Twins they could often clash due to their opposite characters. With the’AcquariumOn the other hand, if at the beginning things might seem to work, in the long run, without an emotional connection, the two could get tired and move away. In fact, Pisces are perpetually looking for a sweet side and an emotional connection on which we should work every day with each other (in defiance of possible astrological tension). A pisces man slowly falls in love but it is not excluded that he could be struck by the classic lightning bolt.

    What does Pisces want in bed? He wants to be there, always and in any case, in company. But be careful: it’s difficult to take the first step, he wants to be courted. Pisces are incredible in that respect not only for their romantic nature but also for their intuitiveness. For this, they manage to find out what their partner might like without him saying a word. Cuddles and kisses everywhere they are the order of the day, with a pinch of that fantasy which properly distinguishes the sign.

    This is because a Pisces he lives life on his terms and cares about his spaces, his intimacy and his affections. If he should feel overwhelmed, he prefers to disappear to be alone to meditate. However, in love, when he feels ready, he will shower the other with attention and adoration.

    Pisces: his ideal job

    Those born under the sign of Pisces need serenity in place of Work. If this were to exist, they could be able to work in the same place for life as long as there is also another prerequisite: involvement. Being a very creative person, in fact, those born under this sign must circumscribe his interests and feel constantly stimulated. Very inclined to teamwork, the Pisces sign can attempt an artistic careerlike that of an actor. Even if he encounters obstacles throughout his career, in every problem he will take an opportunity.

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