All you need is a hole punch and a container

The bottle trick to eliminate humidity in your house: All you need is a hole punch and a containerAfanasyev Andry

Is it annoying? Condensation at home? At many times of the year, humidity This phenomenon takes hold in our families, causing stress for many people and making solutions difficult to find.So we bring you some Ways to solve this problem.

he winter It’s a season that many people enjoy, but while there are positives to this time of year for many, the following factors Humidity makes our walls a mess the rest of the year.

It’s not easy to get rid of it, especially when condensation builds up and you know there’s not much you can do except wait it out and clean it all out. Actually, there are some solutions to solve this problem.

Remove moisture in just one bottle

You won’t believe it, but All it takes to solve this “drama” is a bottle.For anyone who wants to save on utility bills and protect the planet from pollution, this zero cost solution This is truly a blessing.With an ingredient we already have at home, we can Avoid buying a dehumidifier.

Get rid of mold and damp forever

How to do it

once you recover Plastic bottles of at least one liter, Cut it into two parts and shorten the top part.with a awl Or a sharp knife and start crafting small hole Place on cork and tighten. Finally, place it on the table and fill only this part with coarse salt. Finally, place in the refrigerator overnight.

the next day, Place it on a base and place it in an area of ​​the house most affected by humidity. Salt acts as a catalyst, a sponge for water vapor, which it eventually absorbs and dissolves. When you see it melting, replace it.

Another trick you can use is rice. Just like it does with electronics, it also fights condensation.

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