Already surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo

Jude Bellingham, Real Madrid

Jude Bellingham Has become the best representative real Madrid Game after game, their start to the season has been nothing short of unbeatable.In fact, English has surpassed cristiano ronaldoIn his first ten games, he was one of the best players in the club’s history. Carlo Ancelotti His inclusion in the White plan was prompted by his diamond as his impact as a striker is outstanding at every level, both in terms of creating play and creating scoring chances, although in his case he only converts chances , and in this sense it has very high accuracy.

About data, bellingham He has scored ten goals and provided three assists.if we talk about cristiano ronaldo, we found that we had the same goal but two fewer assists, all in ten games. In addition, the Englishman has also won by solvency in other aspects, such as becoming the player with the most goals in the first eight games of the 21st century Premier League. real Madrid, the number of which reaches eight units. on the other hand, Ancelotti He has been praised for his abilities, but above all for his youth, since he is already 20 years old, and the Italian himself admits that he is surprised by his age, as he has shown many of the qualities gained over time Ability.

Only DI STÉFANO can improve it

if we talk about mythology real Madridwe must also mention Alfredo Di Stefano. The Argentinian of Spanish nationality scored 11 goals and 7 assists in his first ten games as a Real Madrid player in 1953. These are completely fantastic figures that are almost unmatched by any player. Under any circumstances, bellingham Destined to mark an era as the goal, both Ancelotti Whenever the club talks about their performance, they admit it.

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