Alyssa Lehmann linked to Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham: ‘She plays with her sexuality’

Alyssa Lyman She possesses a unique and captivating beauty.His videos are played thousands of times a day Tik Tok.shorts Youtubereel Instagram and also in X, ex twitter. In such a cutthroat society, her reputation is divided between fans and detractors, who often disparage her for “too much makeup.”A recent defense related it to cristiano ronaldo anyone David Beckham.

in your account Instagram attacker aston villa He has over 16 million followers who are always wary of what he uploads.There he shares his show inside the rectangle, on the beach, resting and knowing how to climb Douglas LewisThe Brazilian midfielder who conquered it.

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On the virtual planet, he revealed his profession: athlete.He shows off his form with the ball every weekend women’s premier leagueBut the truth is, he’s more than just a football player.This girl completely changed the atmosphere a long time ago by celebrating goals like cristiano ronaldohis angelic face is also a surprise.

expected defense

TV host Vicky Blom Defended her and compared Lyman’s makeup on the court to cristiano ronaldo and David Beckham Worrying about her hair. “Yes, she plays with her sexuality, but they’ve done it so many times. Look at Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, I think the way makeup and personal care is done is different to the way a child paints himself,” he Started his story podcast in the book soccer sisters.

“A lot of people think it’s vanity, but it’s also a feeling. That feeling of confidence and strength, there’s something to it. I think we’re different and we can look however we want, and that’s good. You can learn from that. Some people’s attention is taken away from football, but “it happened to Beckham too. There’s nothing wrong with playing football in makeup and we can’t blame them anymore. “

Compared to Cristiano, not just because of her beauty

The blonde – every time she breaks the opposition goalkeeper’s resistance – makes a slight jump, half-turn and thumbs to her number “7”, Portuguese style. But the fact is that this led to more acceptance on the Internet, where he also moved very lightly: he usually uploaded images that went beyond football.

Lehmann is one of the stars of the league World SL and scored 10 goals in 59 games with him aston villa after passing west ham and everton.

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