Amanda Seyfried reveals what made her “overwhelmed” about her role on Crowded Rooms!

In the first five episodes of the Apple TV+ series “crowded room”the public got to know the character Amanda SeyfriedRhea as a psychiatrist sitting alone in front of Danny (TOM HOLLAND) during his prison session on Rikers Island.

Spoiler alert: This story contains spoilers for episode six, “Raya.” “crowded room”Now Streaming on Apple TV+.

Amanda Seyfried Shares What ‘Influxed’ Her Role in The Crowded Room!

Up to this point, the series has been bouncing back and forth through the timeline of Danny’s life, connecting the story of a young man whose outlook is influenced – and broken – by his childhood traumas and the world around him. From .her world.

But it always comes back to her sessions with Rhea, a lifeline in otherwise difficult situations. Awaiting trial for his involvement in the Rockefeller Center shootings. It’s Danny’s story, but viewers will have to wonder why Seyfried left. Current Emmy winner for Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series for Hulu’s “The Dropout.”

Well, this week’s episode 6 answers that question. Titled simply “Raya”, the episode focuses entirely on Seyfried for the first time experiencing more than just the character’s world. But also to look at Danny’s story with new eyes. And it quickly becomes clear why his approach was panned.

As an outside observer, Rhea’s version of events ultimately confirms what every viewer probably already suspected. Danny has dissociative identity disorder (DID), a multiple personality.

From the moment she signed on, Seyfried was dreading bearing the brunt of this revealing mid-season narrative twist.

“It’s hard, because you’re with Danny and you’re understanding more of his story and his life and his present — and then, all of a sudden, you stop all of that,” tells the actress a Diversity, “It’s always scary playing a character that you suddenly start connecting with, because you wonder if the audience will want to follow me. But it’s important that she does, because she provides a lot of information that you’ll need from now on.”

The episode reveals that Rhea is a tenured professor who is asked to consult on Danny’s case when the police learn something about his behavior.

She first met Danny when he was in a holding cell. But Danny’s shaky recollections of the events so far reveal that he is an incredibly aggressive individual.

Amanda Seyfried Shares What ‘Influxed’ Her Role in The Crowded Room! Courtesy Stephanie Mei-Ling/Apple TV+

“Yes, he can get the chair and contribute to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and place in the world of mental health”Seyfried says. “But everything is based on the urgent need to help this boy. It was unbreakable for me. I was never afraid that the audience would think she was just a selfish, greedy bitch.”

The series also offers Seyfried a type of character she has found elusive in her career: the idealistic hero.

“From the start they need each other and have an obvious chemistry that isn’t romantic or sexual”says the actress. “It is a thing as pure as any other, and I have never before had occasion to explain it”.

Through subsequent interviews, Rhea understands the specifics of Danny’s DID. a diagnosis that was not common or widely accepted when the series was set in the 1970s.

At the end of the episode, he also talks to one of his most protective personas: Jack, the Englishman played on-screen by Jason Isaacs. He also pointed out that there are other “alter egos” within Danny, implying that the other actors may be creations of his mind. All this intrigues and worries Riya, who is dismissed by her male colleagues as predatory interests to further her career.

The actress spent the first few weeks on set shooting Ria and Danny’s interview sequences in sequence, then went away to shoot Ria’s story for the sixth episode.

“After the sixth episode, we were going back to the interrogation room. It’s been a significant change in my experience of the series in a really beautiful and useful way.”Seyfried says. “It was amazing to have the opportunity to be in that room again with that new world of knowing Raya and experiencing her journey as an actor.”

In the episode, Riya’s work troubles her more than she believes. She and her son Ezra (Thomas Parobek) do not have a very strong bond, and she has a tenuous relationship with her ex-husband, who is Ezra’s (Daniel London) father.

With only one episode left to tell viewers who Rhea is, Seyfried says they can’t hesitate to highlight the good and the bad of Rhea.

“It’s a Disaster”He says. “I wanted to reflect what it means to be a working parent and a single parent. I didn’t want him to be too sure of himself. What attracted me to play Riya is that she is outspoken and demands what she wants, but that doesn’t mean she has an easy life or is completely confident in her every move.

Seyfried says she is surprised by how much she enjoys “playing mom” now that she is a mother of two.

“I Thought I Was Going to Totally ‘Fuck the Patriarchy'”He says. “But once a baby is out of your body, the roles suddenly change. I appreciate the possibility of being a mother in my life and I love playing such a character.”,

Seyfried found other nuances of her life in Rhea’s storyline, particularly in the character’s somewhat strained relationship with her mother, played by Layla Robbins.

Rhea is seen to be heavily dependent on her mother for taking care of her while Ezra works. An opportunity that the mother often uses to criticize the amount of work she has brought home.

“The relationship with his mother deeply affected me, as it is similar to my relationship with my mother, who is the main caregiver of our children besides me and my husband”Seyfried says.

This is something she relied on again during the filming of “The Crowded Room”, where she shares the screen with her husband Thomas Sadoski as the policeman named Matty who first introduces Rhea to Danny. .

Amanda Seyfried Shares What ‘Influxed’ Her Role in The Crowded Room! Courtesy Stephanie Mei-Ling/Apple TV+

Seyfried and Sadoski starred together in the 2015 film “The Last Word” and Neil LaBute’s stage play “The Way We Get By”. It was “The Crowded Room” producer Akiva Goldsman who asked Seyfried if she would be comfortable casting Sadoski for the role.

“With such a big budget, with him in a police uniform in the 70s, it was a lot of fun”Seyfried says. “We have shorthand and we work great together. But we also have to make sure there’s someone with the kids and we try not to work at the same time.” Akiva asked me if he could give the role to Tommy, who is so young that we’re very Can’t work together for much longer, and that would make great chemistry.”,

Since viewers are now familiar with Rhea’s story and her commitment to Danny, Seyfried says their stories will be more clearly intertwined throughout the rest of the series.

“You can expect to see them holding hands and jumping around together”says the actress. “She’s got someone in the world who will protect her at any cost, and that would give someone hope.”

Critical reception to “The Crowded Room” following its June premiere was not particularly warm.

Even before the reviews were published, Seyfried anticipated the polarizing nature of the series and reiterated Holland’s recent comments, expressing hope that her message of empathy for those facing abuse and mental health issues would spread to others. is beyond

“It’s a Big Show”Seyfried says. “People will like it or not, but at least they will be reminded that sexual abuse is real, even if it seems like it might not be. If we know it exists, then perhaps we can have more compassion for those who are struggling or who are different from us, because we don’t know where they come from.

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