Amara Terra moves forward, the Turk makes a bet: it’s over for him (SPOILER)

Terra Amara brings us some really interesting surprises – a preview of the Turkish series. in fact, they tell us how really the end of everything could come for the character. This will cause those around him to worry, creating an atmosphere of anxiety and suspicion. To get a closer look at what will happen in Italy, let’s read the whole story.


Terra Amara Achievements Turkish Episodes: Zuleikha and the Incredible Discovery

Advances from Terra Amara, Turkish bets: Zuleikha wants to flee to Cyprus after Demir’s betrayal

Terra Amara, Kerem Alisik (Fekeli) and Murat Unalmis (Demir) filed a lawsuit: dispute behind the scenes

Upcoming episodes of the soap opera will mainly focus on the relationship between Sanie and Gaffour, who have been living in a marriage full of conflict for some time. The woman will again have to argue with Sevda, and the situation really risks becoming unbearable for both of them. Therefore, she decides to send her husband to look for a new job in Germany in order to allow both of them to move to a more peaceful situation. Gaffur finds the right choice and decides to ask for help from an important character in the Town Hall. However, to get a new job, you will have to offer a large amount of money. Thus, the man will be forced to mortgage his land by first borrowing money from the man. However, the land does not belong to him, but to Gülten’s sister, who will remain in the dark about everything.

Promotion of Turkish rates Terra Amara

There are other interesting ideas from the previews of the Turkish Terra Amara series.. When it is too late, Gaffur will realize that the official has lied to him, and therefore he will be forced to lie to the woman as soon as he returns to the house. Their relationship has been damaged for a long time, and if you continue to lie, the situation can worsen even more. Despite this lie, the man’s creditor will come and ask him for land, setting up an unprecedented dispute with his sister, who knew nothing.

Gülten is very attached to the land, which received it as a gift from Hunkar after his death.. Sanie will find out everything very soon after the conversation and find out what her husband has decided to do. Thus, the woman will drive him out of the house, creating great problems and timely experiences. However, not wanting to disturb Demir and Zuleikha, he decides to send him home in the morning anyway to avoid questions that might be suspicious. Gaffur will stay in the workers’ house for several days, trying, however, to return to his wife, but failing to make amends. However, at the moment we do not know if forgiveness will come from him. Let’s see.

Progress Terra Amara Release Today September 1, 2023

Terra Amara will once again be the protagonist of a new episode airing on first television today, September 1, 2023, on Canale 5 starting at 2:10 pm. This will be the moment of the first part of the 229th episode, when the audience is in awe, trying to figure out if there will be an interesting development. But let’s read the preview of the episode, which, as usual, promises to be full of unexpected twists and turns.

Fekeli advises Behiche to return to Istanbul. However, the woman comes up with a plan to stay in Chukurov.. Erdinić is a criminal who is paid by a woman who first attacks her and then fires a bullet, which, however, reaches the stomach and not the shoulder. However, the man is afraid to end up in prison and therefore decides not to accompany the victim to the hospital. Thus, Behice is left in agony alone, unable to find a solution or help from anyone.

Zuleikha thinks she knows everything that happened. In fact, the girl witnessed the meeting of Vedat, the chief prosecutor of the gendarmes, and Demir. The latter clarified that Hunkar’s killer must have hated everything that had happened. Now the former seamstress no longer has any doubts that it was Behice who could take the life of her mother-in-law. Atun knows that Aunt Mujgana hates Hunkar and is afraid because she knows what he is capable of. The girl looks at him with great tension, convinced that he killed the woman.

And Fekely…

Behitsa manages to keep his cool in front of Zuleikha, but Fekeli becomes a witness to everything and the situation becomes complicated and difficult to manage.. The name Behice can no longer be excluded from the list of accused, one must act very calmly and therefore he will decide to invite her to return to Istanbul until everything calms down. The girl takes the advice and returns to Istanbul for a few days, even if she doesn’t want to, because she would like to stay in Çukurova. He will find himself devising a very dangerous plan from every point of view.

Erdinić publicly attacks her and then takes her into the woods. He points a gun at her, but Behiche paid him to shoot himself in the shoulder. However, in reality, he is mistaken: he hits her in the stomach and leaves her alone, without accompanying her to the hospital. Now it will be important to understand whether this woman can save herself or whether her life has really come to an end.


Thus, Terra Amara will give us many surprises both in the near future, with the obligation to understand if Behice will cope, and in the future with what we will be told from Turkey. The soap opera is very popular in Italy and is gaining an increasingly specific and interesting audience. We can only realize that the Canale 5 program has a very interesting future ahead of it.

The series first aired on July 4, 2022 and won everyone over in just a year. The cleverly written series is set in a fascinating and outdated world, but full of interesting ideas that keep us thinking about current events. The audience can only rub their hands together, getting ready to enjoy the interesting news that remains at the heart of the program’s news, written intelligently and convincingly. Progress opens up many opportunities for us. Let’s see what others have to say then.

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