Amber Heard wants to be appreciated as an actress

The American actress has recently been relaunched on the film scene with Into the Fire following the lawsuit facing Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard is a famous American actress born in Austin On April 22, 1986. Particularly of Scottish, English, Irish and German descent, the actress made her film debut in 2004. Friday night Lights Will appear again in projects like Dead Sexy – Gorgeous (2005), North Country – Josie’s Story (2005), alpha dog (2006), all boys love mandy lane (2006), never back down – never give up (2008), how can i kill your ex (2009) and several other projects. Unfortunately, in the final period, the artistic life of the star came to an abrupt halt due to the lawsuit in which she had to face her ex-husband. Johnny Depp.

We’ll be seeing Amber Heard as Mira in a few months aquaman 2

Amber Heard - Cinematographer

This legal battle, accompanied by massive media coverage, ended with the defeat of Amber Heard, following accusations against Depp, determined by the actress. “wife beater”, lost the case and was forced to pay compensation to the star. Certainly a stain that has directly discredited the artist’s career, despite the fact that this bad moment is attributed to the personal sphere of the actress, and not to her working and artistic dimension. So it is only natural that the diva is putting all her trust in her latest film in which she is the protagonist or rather in the fire,

In a recent conversation with Deadline, Amber Heard was eager to clarify that she seeks appreciation as an actor, not an actress. “Crucified at the same time”. Apparently he also took the opportunity to talk about the above process, cracking some jokes and sarcasm.

“You know, I just want to make films and be appreciated as an actor. I don’t want to be crucified at the same time. It’s a huge thing I’ve had to learn that I have no control over the stories other people create around me. It’s something I’ll probably later appreciate as a blessing. At the moment, I just wish that so many stones were not thrown at me. I am here to support a film. And it’s not something I can be sued for. I think I have earned respect for myself (for my stint in acting). This is very important. What I’ve gone through, what I’ve experienced, doesn’t shape my career at all.”

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