Ameglia Diabolika continues – City of La Spezia

Two more not-to-be-missed meetings will liven up the Diabolik evenings at Amelise. Thursday, August 31, at 21.00, the meeting will take place in the summer arena of the gardens of Villa Romana in Bocca di Magra, where a new film dedicated to the most diabolical comic book hero of all time will be shown: the film “Ginko all’attack”. 2022 by the Manetti brothers, the sequel to “Diabolik” by the same pair of director brothers, as well as the adaptation of the sixteenth comic book by Angela and Luciana Giussani.

The film, starring Giacomo Gianniotti as a criminal mastermind, Valerio Mastrandrea, Miriam Leone and Monica Bellucci, received 3 nominations for the Nastri d’Argento award, 2 nominations for the David di Donatello, and in Italy at the box office collected 1.2 box office. million euro.

The second meeting is scheduled for Saturday, September 9 at 18.00 at the DeBiRoss bathhouse in Bocca di Magra. This time the guests of the evening will be Andrea Carlo Cappi, author of the Diabolik novels, and Riccardo Nunziati, official hat designer, talking on the theme of “Comics in the Movies”. A bookstore full of volumes and gadgets will be open these evenings, curated by Comic House bookstore from Sarzan.

In the bathhouse DeBiRoss, the exhibition “Diabolik and Eva Kant al Mare” (Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 17.30 to 22.30) continues until September 10th. It is promoted by the Municipality of Amelia and supervised by Paolo Cigizola and Mario Gomboli.” foster father of Diabolik, heir to the Milanese publishing house Astorina. Also open to visitors is the exhibition “Women in Black” dedicated to Eva Kant, always until September 10 and always on weekends from 17.30 to 22.30 in the former elementary school of Montemarcello.

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