“American Horror Story: Delicacy”, Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts are the main characters of the trailer

After months of previews, rumors and a long wait, the first official trailer has arrived American Horror Story: Delicate. The twelfth season of the horror anthology series created by Ryan Murphy It relies on its star cast, starting with Kim Kardashian: The queen of social media and social events already had some acting experience, but only in small roles and cameos. However, in this case she will be one of the main roles along with Emma Robertshistorical muse and companion of Murphy, and Dear Delevingne, also an old friend from these series. Three are in the center first official trailer released in the last few hours.

Based on the recently published novel Delicate condition by Danielle ValentineThe new season is dedicated to the terrible story of difficult motherhood and forced conception. The story begins with Anna, played by Roberts. movie star who is desperately trying to get pregnant from her partner Dexter (Matt Czuchry). After grueling cycles of in vitro fertilization, Anna finally manages to get pregnant, but only after initial enthusiasm nightmare. A controversial and mysterious figure (Delevingne) follows her around, and her friend Siobhan Walsh (Kardashian) tries to give her advice. But who is really on his side and who is trying to manipulate his creation?

As already announced in recent weeks, American Horror Story: Delicate, which will also include the cast Michaela Hae Rodriguez (Poses) AND Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, NOS4A2), will be divided into two segments: The first one makes its US debut on the FX network. from September 20and the second part – not yet finalized due to the strike of actors and screenwriters in Hollywood – will begin later during 2024.

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