American Horror Story: Delicate: Kim Kardashian’s acting debut teaser

The 12th season of Ryan Murphy’s horror film will premiere on September 20. Kim will also be joined by Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne.

For 11 seasons American Horror Story explored everything related to nightmares: murder houses, vengeful witches’ covens, freak shows with clowns and much more. But in the teaser for the next chapter: American Horror Story: Delicacy (premiering September 20 on FX), creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy have focused on an even tougher topic: pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian plays a young mother whose anatomy appears to be cross-bred with that of a mutated spider. Motherhood is not a subject of special attention, but it is sometimes a cruel process of creating life. In one scene, an egg falls from a tree and dozens of spiders come out.

Kardashian is the main character American Horror Story: Delicacy with Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne. Also starring this season are Zachary Quinto, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Mikaela Jae Rodriguez, Odessa A’cyon, Billy Lourd, Julie White, Debra Monk and Denis O’Hara.

Unlike previous seasons, for example Asylum, Double Feature, Freak Show AND Apocalypse, American Horror Story: Delicacy builds its plot around a pre-existing story: a thriller novel by Danielle Valentine. delicate conditionreleased earlier this month.

β€œThe way we describe pregnancy is so childish that it is one of the most dangerous and transformative experiences a person can go through,” Valentine said. Vanity Fair in a recent interview. β€œI really don’t understand how we didn’t find a way around this problem. It is literally the only medical thing that affects every person on the planet. However, we are trying to make it look like a narrow women’s issue.”

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