American Horror Story, what do we know about the new season with Kim Kardashian

When FX updated in January 2020 American Horror Story for three more seasons, immediately began to replicate assumptions and hypotheses about the stories behind the popular anthology series Ryan Murphy. Filming for Chapter 12 began in New York this May, and aside from delays due to strikes in Hollywood, AHS extension should be back on the small screen by autumn – September or October at the latest. In the past few hours, FX has released the first teaser Delicateis the name of the season in which it returns Emma Roberts and two long-awaited new entries, Kara Delavin and Kim Kardashian.

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What do we know

According to what was reported Hollywood reporters, confirmed by the first images of the teaser, for the first time there will be some source material from which the creative team drew to sketch the plot: the story will be based in part on novel by Danielle Valentine delicate condition will be released in August in the US. A story described as captivating thrillerrevolves around a woman who is convinced that a sinister figure is doing everything to prevent her from having a baby.

In the teaser, we see a cradle, a nest, an egg, a newborn in Kardashian’s arms, and an image of some of the cells processed in the lab, confirming the hypotheses of recent months. There motherhood looks like the crux of the story. Also at the back are latex gloves and an assembly of women who circle around the cradle as in a kind of esoteric procession. It won’t be the first time American Horror Story he places meetings of “mystics” at the center and is replete with references to the New Orleans congregation. Let’s see.

Actors and episodes

In addition to Roberts, Delavigne and Kardashian joined the production. Annabelle Dexter-Jones (Continuity), MJ Rodriguez (posing) Billy Lourd (Scream queens) Julie White (Mrs America) Debra Monk (Golden Age) and fetish actor Ryan Murphy Zachary Quinto.

As for episodes. It’s been a few years since FX decided to stop at 10 episodes For American Horror Story, so it’s likely that Season 12 will also take on the same number. As for the duration, it should, as always, be about 50/60 minutes. The twelfth season will debut directly in streaming, in all likelihood, with one episode per week, as happened with the previous one. In Italy, it will be available on Disney+.

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