American sanctions on companies accused of supporting the war on Ukraine

The United States on Thursday announced sanctions against individuals and companies accused of supporting Russia’s war against Ukraine, targeting various entities in an attempt to disrupt Moscow’s supply chains.

The US Treasury Department reported that this comes at a time when Russia has shifted production of technology, equipment and other products needed for its military, relying on suppliers from other countries to obtain them.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement: “Russia relies on third-country individuals and entities who are willing to replenish its military and support the continuation of the war against Ukraine, and we will not hesitate to hold them accountable ”.

The ministry added that Russia is exploiting “what are usually considered legitimate economic relations” with other countries.

The latest sanctions target 130 parties, including Turkish citizen Berk Turkan, for his role in a goods purchasing network that has dealings with Russian intelligence services.

The sanctions also target a local Russian industrial base. The US Department noted that Moscow has refocused its work “to ensure that the war machine is able to sustain itself.”

Seven banks based in Russia were also subject to sanctions.

In addition to the Treasury Department, the State Department will announce about 100 sanctions targeting areas such as Russia’s future energy production, revenue, mining and metals sector, and defense equipment purchases.

In a separate statement on Thursday, the US Department of Commerce reported that it had blacklisted 13 entities (12 in Russia and one in Uzbekistan) for supporting the Russian military through purchase, development and deployment of Russian drones.

The Commerce Department said this rule legally deprives them of access to assets subject to the jurisdiction of the US judiciary.

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