Amid Serena Williams’ regrettable absence from the U.S. Open, Venus Williams is opening up about her true feelings about her sister’s “evolution” – “You should always go to…”

This year’s U.S. Open got off to a buzzy start, with new and upcoming players taking on the old. However, the tennis world has not forgotten its legend. Venus Williams still perseveres and plays with ambition on the court. But that doesn’t mean she and the U.S. Open miss one of the stalwarts of tennis who bid farewell to last year – Serena Williams. Playing the game without her sister, knowing she wouldn’t be back, gave Venus a thing or two to think about.

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The last time this happened was in 2017, when Venus reached the U.S. Open semifinals. Serena just gave birth to Olympia, so she didn’t make it to the majors. Sister Williams begins her U.S. Open without Serena by her side, focusing on her sister’s passionate presence rather than her absence.

Venus Williams discusses sister Serena Williams’ absence from U.S. Open


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At 43 years old, Venus may be entering his career, but he’s still going strong. Her love for the sport and relentless stamina led her back to chasing her immortal dream. Although Venus Williams was unfortunately eliminated in the first round of the US Open, she still entered the match with energy.

However, the tennis star competed in the U.S. Open knowing that her sister would not compete in the U.S. Open again. When asked about this, she said in the post-match meeting, “I knew very well that Serena wasn’t going to compete, so I thought I was OK.

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She reflects on how things turned before Serena retired for her. Venus said, “Even before she retired, I had a chance to get used to the idea. “I kind of knew it was coming. “

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However, this did not stop her from following her own path and her passion for sport still flourished. She added, I think you should always work hard for your dreams. For me, I didn’t get a lot of opportunities to play this year or last year. “

But that doesn’t mean she’s let it hold her back. Venus talked about the elements she or any other athlete needs to thrive on the court. She finally said, “I think the key for me is staying healthy and getting some momentum. I mean, that’s key for any athlete.”

However, Venus Williams’ performance at this year’s U.S. Open was not optimistic. It’s a testament to Iga Swiatek’s judgment on the ever-changing waves in tennis.


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Iga Swiatek on changing power dynamics in tennis

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The Polish tennis star has proven his quality on the court many times. In addition to her, we have also seen the rise of tennis players such as Coco Gauff, Elena Rybakina, Aryna Sabalenka, etc. They are the new torchbearers of the WTA. Therefore, Swiatek made a bold judgment.

The world does not. 1 According to AP News, you said tennis is “evolving.” Furthermore, she believes that due to the ever-changing dynamics of the sport, there is always room for new players and champions. Swiatek, who has won multiple titles since Ashleigh Barty and Serena Williams twice retired last year, knew it was time to establish her presence on the women’s tour against Sabalenka, Raytheon Bakina and others have achieved dominance.


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However, even so, do you think it’s time for a new force like Serena Williams to emerge on the court? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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