Among the movies on TV tonight is an incredibly tense movie.

Other movie options include not one, not two, but THREE Nicolas Cage films.

One of the best Irish films of the year and one of the most interesting cinematic flops of 2023 is now available to watch at home.


However, speaking of even more movies, here’s what’s airing on TV tonight.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Sky Showcase – 20:35

The first and perhaps the best part of the Lord of the Rings series.

“Boiling Point” – film from 16:00 to 21:00.


Our pick for the evening is the British drama, which scored a whopping 99% of the votes on Rotten Tomatoes.

Shot in one long take, Boiling Point focuses on the chef (Stephen Graham – The Duty, This Is England) of one of London’s trendiest restaurants.

However, on the restaurant’s busiest night of the year, multiple personal and professional crises threaten to derail everything the chef has worked for.

Directed by Philip Barantini (whose latest film Accused has just been added to Netflix), Boiling Point was previously named Joe’s “most intense film” of 2022, the year it was released in Ireland.


And there’s no better time to watch the drama for the first time, or to revisit it as it gets a TV spin-off, premiering on BBC One on October 1.

As for the film version of Boiling Point, it can also be rented on Apple TV+, Google Play, Curzon, Sky Store and Volta.

Trailer “Boiling Point”


“Predestination” – AMC UK – 9:00 p.m.

This incredible but unfortunately little-known science fiction story follows a secret agent (Ethan Hawke) who travels through time to track down an elusive criminal known as the Hiss Bomber.

His investigation leads him to a bar in ’70s New York, where he meets a bar patron (Succession’s Sarah Snook) with a fascinating life story.

Bird on a Wire – Legend – 21:00.

90s comedy starring Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn.


Jeepers Creepers – Horror Xtra – 21:00

In this early 2000s horror film, two college-going siblings (Gina Phillips and Justina Long) are stalked by a demonic serial killer named the Creeper.

American Pie: The Wedding – Comedy Central – 9:00 p.m.


Tomb Raider – RTÉ2 – 21:05

Oscar winner Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl”) stars in this video game adaptation.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Channel 4 – 21:35

Not a very successful continuation of the brilliant original Kingsman.

Creed – RTÉ One – 21:45

Apollo Creed’s son Donny (Michael B. Jordan) takes center stage in this stunning spin-off of the Rocky boxing film franchise.

This could happen to you – TG4 – 21:35

The first of three Nicolas Cage films to air on television today, he stars in this rom-com opposite the great Bridget Fonda.

Color Out of Space – MTV – 10:00 p.m.

Nic Cage stars again, this time in a good adaptation of Lovecraft, as the patriarch of a family whose farm is hit by a meteorite, causing strange phenomena.

Death Race – ITV4 – 10:30pm.

In this powerful action film, Jason Statham plays a falsely accused prisoner in a dystopian future who is forced to participate in a killer race.

Bad Samaritan – Horror Xtra – 10:50 p.m.

In this 2018 thriller, Irishman Robert Sheehan plays a parking attendant who robs the homes of the drivers he serves, only to discover that one of his wealthy clients (David Tennant) is a serial killer.

My Friend Dahmer – Movie 4 – 22:55

This critically acclaimed biographical psychological drama revolves around the teenage years of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

“Jackass 3” – Comedy Central – 11:00 p.m.

The third part of the “Jackass” film series.

Maverick – Quest – 23:00.

Mel Gibson stars again, this time in a ’90s Western alongside James Garner and Jodie Foster.

Revenge: A Love Story – Legend – 23:10

The third Nic Cage film on this list in which he plays a vigilante cop.

Hillwalkers – RTÉ2 – 23:15.

In this Irish thriller, tourists trespass on private land, leading to an argument with the landowner that turns violent.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – Sky Arts – 11:40pm.

Last but not least, fans of the Beatles documentary series Get Back can enjoy this well-reviewed documentary about the legendary band from director Ron Howard.

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