An F.1 movie with Brad Pitt also works in Monza.

The highly anticipated F.1 movie from Apple Studios starring Brad Pitt. as the protagonist, plus Javier Bardem among the supporting actors, experiencing a busy work weekend in Monza, in their free time from the Grand Prix and other scheduled categories. This time, after Silverstone, even four single-seat cars, including the crew, participate in the game. twelve stuntmen and very strict securityto prevent premature leaks of behind-the-scenes news and images.

Brad Pitt is on strike, but filming continues

As for Brad Pitt, he has nothing to do. The strike taking place in Hollywood is not yet allowing him to return to the right track. with the black and gold cars gaining momentum anyway lap after lap at the Brianza circuit and they have other restarts scheduled on the circuit also in the week after the Grand Prix when Red Bull’s “Checo” PĂ©rez and Esteban Ocon will also test, as part of the Pirelli test series. Returning to the film of American origin and keeping the working title “Apex”.promises to be the most exciting and spectacular F.1 ever.processing will also continue along with as many remaining Grand Prix of the season as possible.

Italian Grand Prix, weekend television events

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