And / this is not, “professional”! Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘fair play’ in Asian Champions League

A few seconds into the AFC Champions League match between Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr and Iran’s Persepolis, something rare in football happened.

During an attack by the yellow team, Cristiano Ronaldo was fighting for the ball away from home and fell while trying to shoot, and the referee received the highest penalty.

However, the most eye-catching thing was “CR7’s” first reaction. Faced with the referee’s penalty, he asked him not to take the penalty.

Cristiano gestured to the referee, admitted that he had faked a foul in the penalty area, and requested that the penalty be cancelled. You can see in the replay that the Portuguese star’s legs did not make contact.

After chaos broke out in the stadium, the referee canceled the penalty based on VAR’s request and the game could proceed normally.


Olimpia’s eight-year absence from the Copa Libertadores has cost De Cano a lot of money, in addition to being excluded from South America’s most important club-level competition.

Eldecano has been officially excluded from Libertadores and will represent Paraguay in the Copa Sudamericana, the second competition offered by CONMEBOL to the lowest-ranked clubs in each league.

Qualifying prize money also varies widely from game to game, with Olympia losing a lot of money by being excluded from the Copa Libertadores, even more so given its dire financial situation.

El Franjeado no longer receives the $400,000 (first phase), which was the minimum prize for last reaching the Copa Libertadores, and will be settled in 225,000 North American currency. The difference is US$175,000, equivalent to approximately 1.3 billion guarani, Now it provides a platform for Olympia, which is in crisis.

First, Francisco Arce’s team will face Paraguay in the first stage of the South American Cup. If they win, they will enter the group stage and their expected bonus is about US$900,000.


he houston dynasty of Paraguay Ivan Franco Classified as Major League Soccer (MLS) Western Conference Finals.

texas orange They beat Sporting Kansas City 1-0 last night In the 39th minute, Argentine defender Franco Escobar scored.

Fellow player Ivan Franco was also among the players called up to Houston, but he did not receive playing time.

This way, Franco’s team has advanced to the Western Conference Finals, where they will face Los Angeles FC on December 2.

victory, Franco will claim his second title since arriving in U.S. SoccerHouston won the U.S. Open a few weeks ago, beating Diego Gomez and Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami in the final.

In Major League Soccer (MLS), Houston has not qualified for the Western Conference Finals since its last playoff appearance in 2017.

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Ivan Franco: His first championship in Houston and fourth of his career


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