Andalusia extends flu vaccination to smokers for first time

This winter, Andalusia has expanded the group of people for whom it is recommended to get the flu vaccine. Public Health Director Jorge del Diego announced on Canal Sur Radio that Andalusia has included the vaccination plan for people over 60 years old this year, 5 fewer people than in 2022, in line with the recommendations for vaccination against the new coronavirus. Add smokers to the list of people recommended to get a flu shot this winter.

In the case of smokers, the reason for including them is that they are at greater risk of developing complications if they develop smoking, but they are also a group that is more susceptible to smoking.

It remains to be seen whether the smoking group includes an age range, or whether it includes everyone.

Due to the good response from last year’s vaccination campaign, Andalusian children aged 6 to 59 months are once again included in the recommended group for influenza vaccination.

The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) plans to launch a combined influenza and covid-19 vaccination campaign in December 2019 October 16th.

Who in Andalusia gets the flu vaccine?

According to vaccination recommendations approved by the National Health Commission interregional council public health committeeDuring the 2023-2024 season, the target groups for influenza and covid-19 vaccination are:

  • for him higher risk Have complications or severe symptoms from these infections: Over 60 years oldpersons five years of age or older confined to a disability centre, and Residential Adults and others institutionalized person Long-term and residents; people under 60 years of age with at-risk conditions due to pain Chronic diseases and/or disorders (Diabetes and Cushing’s syndrome, morbid obesity, chronic cardiovascular, neurological or respiratory diseases, chronic kidney disease and nephrotic syndrome, hemoglobinopathies and anemia, etc.); pregnantpeople live with those people Highly immunosuppressive.
  • To reduce impact and maintenance critical and essential servicess: staff of public and private health and social hygiene centers and institutions; persons working in essential public services (Firefighters, Civil Defense, Security Forces and Agencies)

In addition to the above, vaccinations are also required influenza arrive:

  • population childish 6 to 59 months
  • People aged 5 to 59 risk of complications (People receiving long-term acetylsalicylic acid treatment and smokers)
  • student Internship at the Center for Health and Social Care
  • people and direct occupational contact with animals Or secretions from farms and business premises such as farmers, veterinarians, workers, etc.
  • Smoker (age range to be determined)

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