Angelina Jolie’s new tattoo is dedicated to Brad Pitt?

TO 48 years old Angelina Jolie continues to maintain its rebellious glory and is now adding to its collection tattoos two new cryptic entries. From a dragon named ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton (later annulled), with a Bengal tiger on her back, passing through the coordinates of her children’s hometowns, the actress is one of the most tattooed on the red carpet, having covered her body with numerous designs and symbols over the years, full of deep messages. After the paparazzi of the last few weeks in the company of his children, the famous New York tattoo artist Mr.K, owner of the Bang Bang Grand studio, posted on his Instagram profile a photo of the actress’s hands, in which you can see black marks on the middle fingers of both hands, previously blurred in Photoshop to hide the real tattoo design.

The caption reads: “I still can’t believe I took her hand and got a tattoo on it. Can you guess what she did?” So the followers in the comments went crazy with the most imaginative hypotheses, unable to help but notice how even the hands of Lara Croft on the big screen are absolutely perfect. From a spiritual symbol to a dedication to children conveyed through the name of her new brand, the most popular option among fans has become a not-too-pleasant message for her ex-husband, so much so that the tattoo artist had to add another clarification below the photo a few hours later: “This is not has nothing to do with Brad Pitt,” he said. Looking through the paparazzi photographs taken in the following days, it may seem that these are two daggers or two swords extending the full length of the fingers, although it is not known what the hidden meaning of this image is. The stakes are still open, waiting for the tattoo artist to put an end to curiosity and finally come up with the right answer.

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