Anger and cracks in Washington… Israel’s attacks are indefensible

A pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the White House (archive – Reuters)

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As the war between Israel and Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip entered its second month, with the death toll rising to around 10,500 people, including around 4,500 children, anger and anxiety began to brew behind the scenes of the war. the American administration.

Calls for the American authorities to support the ceasefire began to increase among civil servants.

Amazed by the images of Gaza

Some senior officials in US President Joe Biden’s administration have confirmed privately that there are aspects of Israel’s military operations that they simply cannot defend.

Several sources revealed that several officials are astonished by the continuous images of Palestinian civilians killed daily in Israeli airstrikes, CNN reported.

A senior administration official said: “The raids and the number of Palestinian deaths have created great moral concern… but no one can say that publicly because we are all working at the pleasure of the president.”

Scenes from Gaza – Reuters

The most violent reactions

While some of the most violent reactions emerged within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after a top ministry official resigned last month over the Biden administration’s approach to the conflict.

Hundreds of U.S. Agency for International Development employees recently sent an open letter to the Biden administration urging it to call for a ceasefire, which the administration has so far rejected.

This resentment comes at a time when a divide has emerged between the United States and Israel over the future of Gaza, especially after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested a few days ago that his country was responsible for security in Gaza for a “period indefinite”. ”

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Yesterday, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken opposed any “reoccupation of the Strip”, but hinted at a transition period to end the conflict.

However, according to CNN, these indicators do not seem to portend greater separation or disagreement between the two allies.

Even as the US administration grapples with growing anger at home, the outbreak of numerous protests across the country and growing condemnation among international allies, it shows little sign of publicly distancing itself from Netanyahu or expressing any kind of condemnation of the Israeli attack on Gaza. .

Interestingly, on the 34th day of the war that broke out on October 7, when Hamas fighters infiltrated Israeli military bases and settlements around the Gaza Strip, the number of Palestinian deaths rose to 10,569, including 4,324 children and 2,823 women.

On the Israeli side, the number of deaths reached 1,400, most of which occurred on the first day of the surprise attack, while the number of soldiers killed, according to the Israeli army, reached 34.

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