Anger and summoning of the ambassadors. Israel responds to Spain and Belgium after the “Rafah speech”

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the ambassadors of Spain and Belgium to Israel on Friday, following statements made by the prime ministers of the two countries at the Rafah crossing with Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office released a statement condemning the fact that both sides do not hold Hamas responsible “for the massacre committed against Israeli civilians and the use of Palestinians as human shields.”

“Prime Minister Netanyahu strongly condemns the statements of the prime ministers of Belgium and Spain, who do not hold Hamas fully responsible for the crimes against humanity committed, the massacre of Israeli citizens and the use of Palestinians as human shields,” reads the declaration. .

For his part, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen wrote on Platform reproach.” like he said.

He continued: “Israel is acting in accordance with international law and is fighting a deadly terrorist organization worse than ISIS that commits war crimes and crimes against humanity,” he said.

He added: “We will resume fighting after the ceasefire until Hamas’ rule in the Gaza Strip is eliminated and all abductees are released.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in statements Friday that “the current truce in the Gaza Strip is not sufficient and a permanent ceasefire is necessary.”

He added that his country “may make its own decision regarding the recognition of the Palestinian state, if the European Union does not agree.”

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo also said Thursday that “Israel has the right to act and prevent future attacks, but that never justifies blocking an entire region and withholding humanitarian aid… This is not an excuse to starve a people. .”

Netanyahu received Sanchez and De Croo on Thursday, during the visit that took them to the region, where they met, in Ramallah, the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and in Egypt, the secretary general of the Arab League, Ahmed Abu Gheit.

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