Angus Cloud, Euphoria actor’s cause of death and mother’s last 911 call

Angus CloudAmerican actor best known for playing Fesco in ‘Euphoria“died at the age of 25. familydestroyed pain, he asked fans to repeat the delicate moment. Angus has long suffered from depressionwhich worsened after death belonging fatherwhich happened just a week ago.

Recently, the American media portal TMZ published a phone call in which Mother Angus would do anything 911, american ambulance, calling for help. Angus began to think suicide a few days because he couldn’t take it anymore pain from a loss belonging father.

Let’s read what a source close to Mom had to say about the last 911 call.

Euphoria actor Angus Cloud has died at the age of 25.

‘Euphoria’ actor Angus Cloud dies at 25 after losing his father a week ago

There call To 911 was made Mother From Angus Cloud who, in desperation, turned to the doctors for help because her son was lying on the floor of their house Auckland:

“We understand that the Oakland Police Department responded to an 911 call made around 11:30 p.m. Monday. The call was made by Cloud’s mother. She mentioned the possibility overdose and said that Angus had no pulse on his wrist.

He was eventually pronounced dead at the scene. The police assured us that an investigation had been launched.”

Possible causes from death Angus clouds can be found inoverdosebut it remains to be seen whether this extreme gesture was arbitrary or not.

Mom said the boy was struggling with his own depression and that the death of his father, to whom he was very attached, was the decisive blow which caused him to lose the will to live.

strange resemblance

fans Angus Cloud they noticed a strange resemblance to Mac MillerAmerican rapper (and ex-boyfriend Ariana Grande), died at the age of 26 fromoverdose.

Fate sometimes really cruelboth died young and, most likely, both wanted to end their pain as soon as possible.

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