Anime “Tomb Raider” on Netflix: approximate release date,…

Tomb Raider, one of the most iconic gaming franchises ever, is getting an anime adaptation on Netflix. Here’s everything we know about the release date, plot, cast and more, including the trailer.

Lara Croft
Tomb Raider will be released on Netflix. What is the possible release date? | © Netflix

Netflix is ​​currently hard at work on anime adaptations, with recently announced series such as Devil May Cry, their recently released Castlevania spin-off Nocturne, PLUTO, and Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider is a well-known franchise consisting of many adventure games and films., comics and novels. The story follows Lara Croft, a British archaeologist who is searching for mystical artifacts. So imagine Indiana Jones, but without the whip and with a badass female lead.

Tomb Raider on Netflix: Release Date Estimated

On September 28, Netflix introduced us to a new batch of original anime that the streaming service plans to release. While most of these new shows had a release date, some did not. Unfortunately, the Tomb Raider anime is one of those that does not yet have a release date, only “coming soon.”

Considering we have release dates for most other shows (even a simple 2024 for the Masters of the Universe reboot), it seems like Netflix is ​​being pretty conservative with its biggest series, Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry..

Taking this into account, it is likely that we will have to wait. well, in 2024before we can join Lara Croft on her expeditions.

Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft | Expand trailer

Luckily, Netflix wasn’t so unreasonable as to not give us anything to look forward to and gave us a small teaser for the Tomb Raider anime.

It’s certainly not the most revealing trailer, but it still creates enough tension to make us eagerly await the official release of the series. Not only does the animation look damn clean, but it also showcases the hidden drama and supernatural element that makes the show even more intriguing.

Tomb Raider anime on Netflix: current cast

As for the cast, we have limited information yet. However, we do know that the iconic Lara Craft will be played by none other than Hayley Atwell.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s quite disappointing as she not only voices an action icon, but is one herself! Atwell is probably best known for her role as Agent Carter. in the MCU, but has since expanded her repertoire, even starring in the newest Mission: Impossible film.

It looks like she now wants to go even further and attach her name to an action icon called Lara Craft.

Atwell will be joined by showrunner Tasha Ho, whose most famous work is The Witcher: Blood Origin (hopefully not the best she could do).

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