Ankara is investigating an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood that claims Turkey will be divided and eliminated

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On Friday, Turkish authorities arrested Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood journalist Saber Mashhour and investigated him on charges of spreading rumors and claiming the country’s division and its end.

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Turkish authorities have arrested an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood journalist based in Istanbul and investigated him over a video broadcast on his social media, in which he confirmed that Turkey was headed for partition.

On Friday, Turkish authorities arrested Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood journalist Saber Mashhour and investigated him in case no. 997 of 2023, on charges of spreading rumors and claiming the division of the country and its end.

In a video published on his page, the Egyptian journalist claimed that the Turkish authorities arrested him for investigation against the background of the publication of a video during the last Turkish elections, which took place last May, in which he stated that if Kılıçdaroğlu wins the elections against Recep Tayyip Erdogan the issue will end with the division of Turkey and the end of the country will be written later.

He added that he could be arrested and handed over to Egyptian authorities “for execution,” as he put it, before returning again and confirming that he had been released.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood journalist fled Egypt for Turkey after the June 2013 revolution, headed to Istanbul, where he worked on Muslim Brotherhood satellite channels broadcasting from there and launched a YouTube channel where he broadcast a provocative speech against Egypt.

The Egyptian authorities have included the Egyptian journalist in the terrorist lists, and the Egyptian Court of Cassation, the highest judicial body in Egypt, confirmed his inclusion together with Moataz Matar, Muhammad Nasser, Hamza Zawbaa and other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in the terrorism lists, in order to accuse him in the terrorist case known as “Tala’i Hasm”.

Investigations conducted by Egyptian authorities revealed that the Brotherhood leaders fleeing to Turkey agreed to develop a plan to reorganize the ranks of members of the secret armed wing, train them in martial arts and push them under the name “Hasm Vanguards”. ” to launch terrorist operations in Egypt and target public figures.

In another context, a few days ago Turkey released Ghada Naguib, wife of the Egyptian artist who took refuge in Turkey, Hisham Abdullah, but placed her under house arrest for a period of 6 months, during which she will be subjected to surveillance, and after the end of this period she is deported out of the country.

The artist’s wife presented an application last October 11, after his arrest decision, in which she asked to annul the judge’s decision to place her under surveillance, but the judge rejected the application, and issued the decision n. 9521 of 2023, ordering that he be placed under surveillance and expelled out of Turkey in accordance with Articles 54 and 57 of Law No. 6458 known as the Law on Aliens, International Protection and Reporting to the Immigration Department of the state of Malatya.

The Turkish authorities had arrested Ghada Najib, of Syrian origin, in her home in the Basaksehir area and, according to her husband, the reason for her arrest by the Turkish authorities was due to political reasons.

Previously, sources revealed to Al that the arrest of the artist’s wife came amid suspicions over her ties to foreign organizations outside Turkey and her mysterious connection with a French journalist recently arrested by French authorities on charges of spreading false information about Egypt and the Egyptian authorities.

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