Anne Hathaway, Jenna Ortega: who works during the strike

Because after the scriptwriters strike and Hollywood actors

There is a strike. All houses. Or picketing in front of the studios. Has Hollywood completely stopped the work of all actors? No. That’s why the star is like Ann Hataway, Jenna Ortega AND Matthew McConaughey, adhering to a common cause, are going to act in their new films. How is this possible?

With 98 percent for the strike called by the Sag-Aftra union.that actors, Hollywood closed its doors. Without screenwriters, who have been in turmoil since May, and without actors, neither films nor serials can do.

However, not all sets are closed.. A handful – yesterday there were 39, to be exact – are still in production. It’s connected with retreat agreementwhat the union has achieved with some independent industries. But let’s go in order.

Ann Hataway

Why is Anne Hathaway still working despite the strike? She has only a handful of other Hollywood stars with her. Explanation. (photo by Ans)

Because some movies are still made in Hollywood.

As we said, although the actors are currently on strike and have blocked almost all major film and television productions in Hollywood, some projects are still active. Shooting in the US and abroad. A total of 39 independent films and series have been approved. by the internal commission of the trade union on the continuation of production during breaks between work.

Under the terms of the strike, which officially began on July 13 following the breakdown of contract negotiations with a delegation of producers (Film and Television Producers Alliance: Amtp for short), independent projects may request a retreat to continue work “without violating the strike order”.

However, they must demonstrate that they are in no way present, past or future affiliated with the major Amtp studios.

Anne Hathaway and Jenna Ortega: who are the actors who continue to work

Non-Amtp films and television series have been scrutinized since the announcement of the abstinence from work. And some of them were given the green light by the union of actors.

Among them, as reported diversitythere are two films from A24, an independent production house that won this year’s Oscar for “Everything Anywhere, All At Once” and WHALE. It’s about Mother Marywith Anne Hathaway Hunter Schafer AND Mikaela Coel. The story of a musician and her relationship with a stylist. AND Death of a unicornwith Jenna Ortega and Paul Rudd. A black comedy in which a father and daughter shoot down a unicorn. Filming will start in Hungary very soon.

Other unlocked movies Rivals of King Amziah with Matthew McConaughey. Flight risk From Mel Gibson With Mark Wahlberg. dusty rabbit With Mads Mikkelsen AND Sigourney Weaver. Bride Hard With Rebel Wilson. Yellow tie With John Malkovich AND Sean Bean. AND Chosen Onea television series about the life of Jesus. Now in its fourth season, filming in Utah and Texas.

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Jenna Ortega in the frame from “Wednesday” (photo by Netflix)

Even soap operas don’t stop

In addition to these independent productions, there is an entire sector that doesn’t stop: soap operas. Despite the unionization of the actors, the production Beautiful, Main hospital, Time of our life, love fever and many others, continues without a hitch.

This is due to the fact that, as the stars were quick to explain on their social profiles, they are hired on the basis of a special type of contract called Netcode or Netcode. This includes “unscripted” programming (such as reality shows) and “non-prime time” programming. Namely serials and telenovelas.

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This contract expires in July 2024. Thus, until this date, the actors who signed it are obliged to continue to work, despite the strike. In short, we won’t miss any of Brooke and Ridge’s upcoming and future weddings.


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