Anne Hathaway rocks gray metallic button-downs and baggy jeans

After a series of stunning looks during fashion month and subsequently as he began promoting his next film, She Came to Me. Anne Hathaway drove through New York with another great look that’s much more casual yet impactful and inspiring.

How to wear metal button downs with gray baggy jeans, Anne Hathaway style?

Consists of a basic manual white shirt with jeans. Of course there’s nothing better than this mezclilla pants, main character of El Diablo Vistas a la Moda I imagined a trendy baggy silhouette in gray paired with s. metal buttons. In both hands he held a leather chaquette, which, no doubt, could have carried an ideal saddle.

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Anne Hathaway in New York with shiny metallic button-ups and gray baggy jeans.

Otoño brought you Ann Hataway This is the first celebrity to back down for one. metal buttons who come from time to time to entertain you in our closets. The actress’s look is a great example of how to overcome the fear that can lead to this less discreet type of footwear.

And that’s why you don’t have a style dilemma you can’t solve. T-shirt and jeans, a uniform for all those who like to dress functionally and quickly. Hathaway may dominate the perfection of sparkly dresses like the latest one she wore from Versace in her latest appearances, but we can hardly deny that her everyday style is also exceptional.

Where did we see the trend for metal buttons?

Don’t worry about what Ann knows. trends and one that we will see a lot in this October-winter season 2023 for example, las metal buttonswe have predecessors of similar brands Givenchy and Bally; also in pastures Anna Sui and Dries Van Noten. Toda is a dopamine fashion wave that invites us to express our state of mind through clothing.



Alessandro Lucioni /

Dries Van Noten, Otano Invierno, 2023

Richie Lee Davis / Courtesy of Anna Sui

Anna Sui, Otano Invierno, 2023

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