Anne Hathaway will star in a new dinosaur movie set in the 80s

Anne Hathaway will star in a new dinosaur movie set in the 1980s. The acclaimed director of It Follows, David Robert Mitchell, will direct the actress for this new project. The first director to make this prehistoric world unforgettable is undoubtedly Steven Spielberg with the blockbuster blockbuster Jurassic Park in 1993. The trilogy of Jurassic World has dusted off this world by collecting the legacy of the previous one and now a new one franchise is ready to explore it.

Mitchell is in fact making a project focused on dinosaurs for Bad Robots And Warner Bros. On the podcast The Hot Micthe insider Jeff Sneider revealed these details about the film, not confirming the 1980s-set rumors yet. From everything we’ve seen over time, movies starring legendary monsters can be very successful at the box office, starting from King Kong to Godzilla or Pacific Rim. However, the story is quite different when it comes to real dinosaurs. Steven Spielberg is the only one who has grasped the true meaning of this world, bringing a genuine sense of wonder and a sense of fear with Jurassic Park. No director other than Spielberg has so far managed to crack the right code to make this world really work on the big screen.

It seems very strange that dinosaurs have found no other place within the great world of Hollywood, since they seem intrinsically cinematic. The answer may be that creating compelling stories around dinosaurs isn’t that simple for writers. Especially if the intention is to attract as many people to cinemas as possible.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Mitchell will decide to carry out this new project, in collaboration with the Oscar winner Anne Hathaway. We just have to wait for more news on the new film to understand how the director intends to proceed.

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