Anne Hathaway wore a trench coat for Versace

Le Diable s’habille-t-il en Versace? Really well done. Ann Hataway Est devenue la nouvelle muse de la maison italienne depuis le printemps dernier. And while I’m reading the brand’s Instagram profile, I’m scrolling through the clichés of the latest baptisée campaign. Versace icons. Discover the American actress, simply dressed in a black coat, posing in front of the lens of the photographic duo Mert and Marcus. Ambassador of the collection, she is the sexiest.

Inspired by the great sartorial classics of Donatella Versace, this project was conceived by the artistic director with a focus on what makes women so strong in their creations. America appears next to the minimalist face, the undisciplined cheveau, the main bag. Greta Goddess under unembellished bras (as the brand’s gold logo is visible on the waterproof vest), drawing attention with its close attention and trench coat in the same leather.

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According to the second cliché, the actress has a different charm. Wearing a blazer dress, handlebars and a mini-jacket at the waist, Anne Hathaway, with her thigh-high boots, pays homage (incidentally) to Andrea Sachs, her heroine in Le Diable wears PradaThere is a slight resemblance here to the film.


He chose Miranda Presley’s assistant, who would be great and participate in the sensual development and demonstration of ADN de Versace. Returning to the house in April, Anne Hathaway began appearing more often under the brand’s logo. Based on the results of the evening organized by the Clooney Foundation. The 40-year-old American wears the dress straight from the Versace show at Milan Fashion Week 2024, while it was worn on the runway by Claudia Schiffer. Ultra-sexy sublime ladies, the actress chose to accessorize with a pair of sandals in silver toons, on chain mail. True reference mode: Anne Hathaway delivers declarations of style moments. The fashion assistant has become an icon, and Versace confirms this. It’s Andy who makes the fire.

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