Anne Hathaway’s emotionally turbulent scene in Modern Love was made even more difficult by a runaway train during filming

Starting off as an on-screen princess, Anne Hathaway has given several commendable performances on the silver screen. Over the years, she has won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and has become one of Hollywood’s top actresses. However, despite years of experience, some roles can present unexpected challenges for actors, and for Hathaway it was the role of Lexie Donohue, a woman with bipolar disorder in Modern love.

Ann Hataway
Hollywood star Anne Hathaway

One of the show’s scenes was made even more difficult by constant interference caused by the noise of a nearby train. As a solution, the creators took a strange approach to wrapping up filming.

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Anne Hathaway on filming an intense scene in Modern love

In the film, Anne Hathaway played a woman with bipolar disorder who deals with her career and relationships. Modern lovewho is hesitant to tell others about her condition. However, she has finally come to terms with her condition and opens up about her bipolar disorder.

Modern love
Modern love

Speaking about the scene during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she revealed that the stage was full “tricky turns” where Lexi told someone about her situation for the first time.

The actress shared that anyone could face such a situation. “We all sometimes walk around feeling like we have an elephant on our chest, but we are not alone.” The Princess Diaries The star spoke to Glamor.

Anne Hathaway in the movie Modern Love
Anne Hathaway in the movie Modern Love

She said she hopes it will be helpful to anyone going through something similar and spread the word to people around her. While filming such an emotional scene was a challenge in itself for the actress, it became even more critical because of the location where she was filming.

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Anne Hathaway took a strange approach to filming a scene with train noise in the background

The following is about the scene in Modern loveAnne Hathaway said it became even more difficult because the noise of a subway train could be heard in the frame every two minutes. She said that no one “I noticed that we were filming at the base of the metro station.”

Still from the movie “Modern Love” (2019)
Still from the movie “Modern Love” (2019)

A strange approach was used to successfully film this scene. The Oscar winner said they had to freeze in whatever state they were in, hold back their emotions while waiting for the train to pass, and continue the scene exactly where they left it.

And we had to do it until the scene was finished.” She said. Hathaway shared that although she didn’t really enjoy it, as an experienced actress, she wanted to give it her all in that particular scene. And she was very proud of it, as she said: “I think it’s a very good job, oddly enough.”

Modern love available on Prime Video.

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