announcement of the group “Cat Eyes” Adele Exarchopoulos and Melanie Laurent.

Two actresses are heroes Volevsy, an action-comedy released on Netflix on November 1st. Adaptation of BD Signée Vives, Ruppert et Mulot, inspired by Cat’s eyes.

Action-comedy set in the Rue de Ligneux. The task is impossible and etc. Cat’s eyes: this is a promise VolevsyMélanie Laurent’s new film starring her, don’t miss the Netflix announcement on Wednesday.

Inspiration for BD Great Odalisque de Bastien VivesJérôme Mullot and Florent Ruppert, a modern retelling of the manga. Cat’s eyes, Volevsy a trio of cambrioleuses de haut vol.

“An underground girl, Carol gives up her professional life. But freedom is the prize: the last mission of the common people with loyal accomplice Alex and new recruit Sam,” the Netflix synopsis reads.

“What I chose by chance”

Ask Last Year’s About the Movie in columns Great morningIsabelle Adjani stated that Volevsy Serait a”The task is impossible de femmes” with the “beauty of humor”:

“Yes, Melanie Laurent sent you something that you randomly chose to meet the person who ordered it in France.”

Cat’s eyes This is the purpose of the official adaptation for TF1. Comedians Constance Labbe (Cylia), Camilla Lu (Tamara) and Claire Romain (Alexia) glow with the skin of their three sisters. Tour comes first.

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