Antarctica alert; bird flu detected in two dead skuas


CSIC scientists Angela Vazquez and Antonio Alcamar noted that analysis confirmed the presence of the virus in two lifeless squid found near the anti-virus base.

Antarctica alert; they detect bird flu for first timeAntarctica alert; they detect bird flu for first time
Line | This detection shows that the virus arrived in the region despite its geographical difference, which is why the investigation by experts and specialists remains active.

Antarctica.Antarctic authorities are outraged Avian influenza virus discovered in dead birds for first time. This information was confirmed by researchers at the Severo Ochoa Center for Molecular Biology at the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).

Specifically, CSIC scientists Ángela Vázquez and Antonio Alcamí noted, After analysis, it was confirmed that the virus was present in two lifeless skuas. The same one found near the Primavera Antarctic base.

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This detection shows that the virus has reached the area regardless of geographical location, so Investigations by experts and experts are still ongoing.

“This discovery shows for the first time that highly pathogenic avian influenza has arrived in Antarctica, despite its distance and natural barriers from other continents,” the Spanish Ministry of Health said in a statement in the journal Science.

It was also noted that this finding could also explain reported bird deaths during the summer.

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