Anthony Edwards compared to Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan: ‘He’s the box office’

arriveAt this moment, Minnesota Timberwolves“Anthony Edwards is arguably the most exciting player in the league. He has had a fantastic season with the Wolves so far 30-11 As a leader of the West and only behind the West Boston Celtics 32-9 A record for the entire league. This guy is playing some of the best basketball we’ve seen in years. People know how special he is this season and have been booking months in advance to watch him play in the freezing cold of Minnesota.One of the people who is now going on a snow trip likened the ants to Kobe, Carter, Jordan. High praise for this kid, but does he deserve it? Some of his latest highlight reels suggest that he is.

Anthony Edwards terrorizes Trail Blazers

Apart from Stephen A. Smith on ESPN: “Listen to what I said to you on national television. Now when I see Anthony EdwardsI saw that during the production process, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan. You know how much I hate cold weather. I’m flying to Minnesota to visit that brother. He is box office. Anthony Edwards, you heard what I said to you, he’s special. As far as the names I mentioned, he’s not here yet, but he’s coming, and he’s going to bring the box office. It’s worth walking through the turnstiles to see that brother play. He is a striking person. I wish the NBA would put the Minnesota Timberwolves on national television more often. fork. fork. fork. ”

Is this the golden age of the NBA?

Over the past few decades, the NBA has been blessed with many talented players who have propelled the sport forward with their achievements. In the 1980s, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was in the twilight of his career while Magic and Bird were on the rise. Michael Jordan eclipsed everyone in the 90s. Kobe did the same thing with Shaq in the early 2000s. LeBron and Curry each have their own brilliance, and both have 4 championship rings. But now, there are too many good young talents. Ants are just one of them. We have Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic, Giannis, Tatum, Wimby, Cutter, Booker, and even Ja Morant despite his personal issues. There is a lot of talent in the NBA right now. Whoever emerges from this large group does have the potential to become a new NBA legend.

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