Apple is trying to convince the EU that Safari is actually three different browsers.Not suitable

Apple’s goal is for Safari not to be considered a “gatekeeper” and therefore avoid complying with EU requirements.

Apple is trying to convince the EU that Safari is actually three different browsers.Not suitable
Safari, Apple’s pre-installed browser

Manzanar EU previously claimed that Safari browser is actually 3 different browsers. The reason for the charges is not exceeding the threshold set out by EU Digital Markets Law, whereby those companies or companies that enjoy too much power in the technology sector can be called “gatekeepers”, which allows them to control the market.

EU responds with its own ad

It all starts when the EU Digital Markets Act comes into force on November 1, 2022, although the law will not be implemented until May 2, 2023.This holds that if a company has European monthly active users exceed 45 million and a Market value of at least 75 billion euros ($80 billion).

Tim Cook

Those signatures cataloged in this way, They must comply with EU requirements. These requirements may put your control of the market at risk, such as allowing you to easily uninstall apps without resorting to complex tricks, avoiding preferences, treating products preferentially, or letting third parties operate your systems. They also affect Android.

For all these reasons, bitten Apple isn’t interested in having its products classified as gatekeepers. To avoid this, it considers different versions of Safari to constitute different browsers. EU responds with its own adwhich reads: “Same Safari. Different device.”

It is unclear what will happen after the EU makes its decision. It’s unclear whether Apple will have a chance to argue. If ultimately, as is the case now, he must obey the law, EU requirements must be submitted within a maximum of 6 months. Failure to do so may result in fines of up to 10% of Safari’s global turnover, or 20% for repeat offenders. This isn’t its first run-in with the European Union, which has forced it to use USB-C chargers on iPhones.

He also protested against iOS and iMessage

The company was founded by Steve Jobs Using the same parameters as iOS, but this time it worked. He claimed that iOS is not the operating system for all Apple devices because iOS is not the same for Apple as watchOS and they are different for the Apple Watch. The EU accepted this argument, excluding all users except iOS, which has more users than the total number of users.

Apple is trying to convince the EU that Safari is actually three different browsers.Not suitable

Apple promotional image with the basic watch face of the Watch Ultra 2.

He also protested via iMessage, but the EU disagreed with him. Apple initially admitted that iMessage exceeded the EU’s threshold, but later changed its mind.To her, iMessage is not a paid service because Apple doesn’t make money from it hardware or data processing. In other words, he does not use it directly to make money, so he cannot be a gatekeeper.

In response, the EU said that “gatekeepers” meant “services provided for a fee”. To defend his idea, he highlighted the fact that the remuneration should not be direct but indirect, in this case the sale of the associated device, i.e. the iPhone. To use iMessages you must buy an iPhonewhich makes it a gatekeeper.

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